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AI Meets Marketing 

Tuesday, 16 July
9:00am - 5:00pm
Craig's Investment Partners Tauranga
158 Cameron Road, Tauranga 3110

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Your ultimate guide to AI's growing significance in the marketing world: One-day intensive workshop

Empower your marketing team to harness the potential of AI with our comprehensive masterclass designed specifically for marketers. This full-day workshop will equip your team with the practical knowledge, hands-on experience, and strategic mindset necessary to effectively integrate AI into your organisation's marketing efforts and drive immediate results.

Through a combination of engaging discussions, hands-on exercises, and real-world case studies, your team will gain a thorough understanding of AI's applications in marketing, ethical considerations, and implementation strategies. The hands-on element of this course is a key focus, allowing your marketers to gain practical experience with AI tools and platforms, enabling them to immediately apply their newfound knowledge to your organisation's marketing initiatives and realise tangible benefits.

By the end of this workshop, your marketing team will be able to:

  1. Understand the core concepts and principles of AI and their practical relevance to marketing
  2. Identify opportunities to utilise AI tools and techniques in your marketing workflows for immediate impact
  3. Develop a strategic framework for integrating AI into your marketing initiatives to drive long-term value
  4. Navigate the ethical considerations surrounding AI in marketing to ensure responsible implementation
  5. Gain hands-on experience with practical AI tools and platforms to build confidence and proficiency
  6. Learn strategies for scaling AI solutions from online tools to production systems to support long-term growth
  7. Prepare your organisation's marketing capabilities for the future of AI-driven marketing to maintain a competitive edge

This masterclass emphasises providing your team with practical expertise and hands-on experience in AI concepts and principles. By focusing on these core elements, your team will be equipped to leverage online tools immediately and scale their knowledge to production systems as their understanding grows. This approach ensures that the skills and insights they gain will deliver immediate benefits and remain relevant and valuable as AI continues to evolve, providing long-term value to your organisation.

Throughout the workshop, your team will be guided by an experienced facilitator who will provide practical advice and a robust framework for integrating AI into your marketing workflows, along with actionable tools and strategies to drive marketing outcomes. As AI in marketing is a rapidly evolving field, the course content will focus on foundational knowledge and adaptable strategies to empower your team to navigate this dynamic landscape effectively.

This masterclass will empower your marketing team to stay at the forefront of AI-driven marketing, providing your organisation with a competitive advantage in the evolving landscape of marketing. By equipping your marketers with the practical skills and knowledge needed to effectively leverage AI, you'll be fostering innovation, efficiency, and growth across your marketing initiatives, realising immediate benefits and building long-term value.


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Facilitator, Peter Mangin

Founder, AI Innovisory

Peter Mangin is a seasoned leader in the realm of AI and marketing, with over 25 years of experience, including more than 15 years as a senior leader in Advertising. As the Chief Product & AI Officer at Pure SEO and the Founder of AI Innovatory, Peter has consistently been at the forefront of technological innovation, successfully modernising legacy systems with AI and driving teams towards impactful results.

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