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Professional Certification:
Advanced Marketing Leadership


The industry has been giving us feedback that while we have excellent training for entry to mid-range marketers and we look after the top marketing leaders (CMO’s), there has been limited offering for the next generation of CMO’s.  While many companies offer general leadership programmes, they do not offer anything which is marketing specific.  

To this end, the MA has developed its elite NZ Marketing Academy programme - ‘The Professional Certification in Advanced Marketing Leadership’.  

Key features are:

Aimed at 8 +years marketers, agency people or those who will be the next generation of marketing leaders

Designed to develop the skills of marketers and prepare them to take on top leadership roles.  

Developed in consultation with NZ CMOs

3 workshops supplemented with international experts online and mentorship by CMOs

NZ’s most aspirational Marketing Programme – the flagship of The NZ Marketing Academy

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The Application Process

Send in nomination form.

Nominations close Friday 24th February, 2023

Nomination form accepted.

You are sent a link where you apply. Send in application with $500 deposit

Applications are reviewed as received.

Some applications may be accepted earlier than cut off date. All candidates will be advised by the latest March 10, 2023

Confirmed Mentors

Sarah Sandoval

Sarah Sandoval

New Zealand Post
2022 TVNZ-NZ Marketer of the Year

Shane Evans-1

Shane Evans

SBS Bank
2021 TVNZ-NZ Marketer of the Year

Annemarie Browne

Annemarie Brown

Lotto New Zealand
2020 TVNZ-NZ Marketer of the Year

Jo Mitchell-1

Jo Mitchell

2019 TVNZ-NZ Marketer of the Year

Hone Paul-2

Hone Paul

University of Otago

Dominic Quin

Dominic Quin

Foodstuffs New Zealand

Suraiya Phillamore-Smith

Suraiya Phillamore-Smith


Rob Harvey

Robert Harvey

dentsu New Zealand

Astrud Burgess-1

Astrud Burgess


Carolyn Scofield

Carolyn Schofield


Regan Savage

Regan Savage


Strahan Wallace

Strahan Wallis

Clemenger Group

Brid Drohan-Stewart

Brid Drohan-Stewart

Woolworths NZ - Countdown

Michael Friedberg

Michael Friedberg


Anna Lawrence

Anna Lawrence

Auckland Transport

Allison Yorston_AML Mentor

Allison Yorston

Frucor Suntory

Jacqui Barratt

Personal Branding Session
with Jacqui Barratt, Founder & CEO, Salt

We often confuse our reputation as our personal brand. But that’s not true. Everyone has a reputation. The first impressions you make, the relationships you form with managers and peers, and how you communicate — all of these things impact how others see you. Your personal brand, on the other hand, is much more intentional. It is how you want people to see you.
- Harvard Business Review 2022

Workshop One | Day One

Thursday 27 April, 2023

9:15 AM | Being a future marketing leader in Aotearoa

Biculturalism and identity: what strategic issues do tomorrow’s leaders need to be prepared for?

Hone Paul (5)
Hone Paul, Chief Marketing Officer, University of Otago


11:00 AM | Why CEO's don't trust marketers and how to fix it

Duncan Shand, Managing Director, YoungShand

11:45 AM | What are the ideal attributes and minimum expectations of a Marketing Leader?

Interactive CEO Panel Discussion with:

Caroline Rainsford
Caroline Rainsford, Country Manager - New Zealand, Google
Rob Harvey (1)
Rob Harvey, Chief Executive Officer, dentsu New Zealand
Clive Omerod
Clive Omerod, Group Chief Executive Officer, Les Mills International
1:30 PM | Group Project: Relaunch the NZ brand into the UK market

Groups of 4-5 people will create one marketing initiative that will help relaunch the New Zealand Brand into the UK market to take advantage of the new Free Trade Agreement. The initiative has to be trade related, not tourism.

Groups will create a 5-minute pitch to be presented to an NZ Story led panel in June.

Amy Knightley 
Amy Knightley, Director of Marketing, NZ Story Group

Philip Wood, President, British New Zealand Business Association


2:30 PM | What I wish I knew prior to becoming a Marketing Leader

And the qualities needed for the Marketing Leaders of tomorrow.

Interactive CMO Panel Discussion with:

Suraiya Phillimore-Smith

Suraiya Phillamore-Smith, Chief Marketing Officer, Westpac

Jonathan Waecker, Chief Marketing Officer, The Warehouse Group
jo mitchell
Jo Mitchell, Marketing Strategist, Fonterra
2019 TVNZ-NZ Marketer of the Year
matt bain
Matthew Bain, Marketing Director, Spark
4:00 PM | Pitch: Why should I be the next CMO?

3x two minute pitches to potential mentor CMOs explaining why the student should become a CMO and what help they need to get there - 15 mentors confirmed so far!

5:00 PM | Wrap up

Connect with individual mentors, share a few drinks and join us for dinner! 🍻

Workshop One | Day Two

Friday 28 April, 2023

8:45 AM | Building culturally relevant brands

Adam Ferrier
Adam Ferrier, Founder / Consumer Psychologist, Thinkerbell
International Facilitator

9:45 AM | The social side of strategy and how to beat the odds

Several times a year, top management teams enter the strategy room with lofty goals and the best of intentions: they hope to assess their situation and prospects honestly, and mount a decisive, coordinated response toward a common ambition. So, why doesn’t it usually work? We need to address the real problem: the “social side of strategy,” arising from corporate politics, individual incentives, and human biases.

Mitch Kornman, Partner, McKinsey & Co


11:15 AM | Marketing in a world of digital disruption

Join a world renowned thought leader on strategic innovation, digital disruption and organisational transformation and customer loyalty architectures.

Dr. Peter Wilton, Former Senior Lecturer, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley 

1:45 PM | From Marketing to Leadership – my learnings around business success

Theresa Gattung was the first female CEO of an NZX listed company, the youngest ever CEO of Telecom NZ and the Co-Founder of My Food Bag. With unparalleled wisdom and experience as chair and professional director in many governance roles, Theresa joins us to explore her learnings around business success.

Theresa Gattung
Theresa Gattung, Co-Founder, My Food Bag
2:45 PM | Lessons from CMO’s on complicated stakeholder management issues

Interactive CMO Panel Discussion with:

Carl Sarney-2
Carl Sarney, Head of Strategy, TRA

Astrud Burgess, GM - Data & Marketing, ANZ
Luke Rive-png
Luke Rive, Director of Marketing, McDonald's NZ


4:15 | Wrap up

Wrap up and drinks! 🍻

Workshop Two | Day One

Thursday 25 May, 2023

8:45 AM | What does New Zealand look like in 2025?

paul spoonley (1)
Paul Spoonley, Professor, Massey University


9:30 AM | The cultural architect

Creating a culture that feels like it belongs, thrives, and delivers with ownership, accountability and inspires the team.

annmarie brown
Annemarie Browne, Chief Marketing Officer, Lotto NZ
2020 TVNZ-NZ Marketer of the Year


11:00 AM | Global trends in inclusion, activism, body image and more

Stevie Weber, Executive Director - Strategy, dentsu New Zealand

1:00 PM | What do these ever-changing societal pressures mean for marketing in 2022 and Beyond?

What does it mean for the work we produce which influences society, the teams we hire – which produce the work, and what do we need to change.

Panel of Marketing Leaders including:

Jane Anthony
Jane Anthony, GM- CoE Lead Brand & Marketing, Air NZ
stevie weber-png
Stevie Weber, Executive Director - Strategy, dentsu NZ
regan savage-png
Regan Savage, Head of Marketing & Engagement, Southern Cross Health Society


2:00 PM | To Be Announced

Watch this space! 

Session topic and facilitator to be announced.


3:30 PM | Group exercise

Go into your project group and continue to develop your ideas for the group presentation.

Please note that the people who nominated you will be invited to the final presentation.

5:00 PM | Wrap up

Join us for dinner at the Viaduct! 🍾

Workshop Two | Day Two

Friday 26 May, 2023

8:45 AM | What marketers don’t get about ROI

The biggest mistakes they make in presenting budgets.

Interactive CFO Panel with:

Olivia Clark
Olivia Clark, Commercial Manager, My Food Bag

Emma Watson, Independent Consultant

Linda Waddington-Miller, Finance Director, Lion NZ


10:00 AM | Latest and greatest in global digital marketing

Shane Evans, Chief Transformation Officer, SBS Bank
2021 TVNZ-NZ Marketer of the Year
11:15 AM | Digital strategy of the future

Where are we going in the future and how do we keep ourselves and teams contemporary and upskilled.

Digital expert panel discussion with:

Shane Evans-png
Shane Evans, Chief Transformation Officer, SBS Bank
2021 TVNZ-NZ Marketer of the Year
David McCallen (1)
David McCallen, Chief of Strategy, OMD New Zealand


1:15 PM | Competing on Customer Experience

Across all sectors and industries, from consumer to B2B and even government, the expectations of your customers continues to rise. Digitalization has increased the number of ways in which you touch your customers and elevated the level and quality of many of those touchpoints. 

How do you keep up with your competitors, or better yet, stay ahead of them by competing on customer experience?

Timothy Morey, Principal, Blue Forest Guild
Live-streaming from San Francisco

2:00 PM | Identifying the right insight

Colleen Ryan, Partner, TRA

2:45 PM | The future role of data

Expert facilitator to be confirmed!

4:00 PM | The cliché: putting customers first

What does this mean in reality when developing data driven strategies? 

CMO Facilitated Panel Discussion with:

Tim Cullinane, Head of Idea Design, Saatchi & Saatchi

Brid Drohan-Stewart, Director of Brand, Woolworths NZ

Sarah Sandoval, GM - Consumer Marketing & Brand, NZ Post
2022 TVNZ-NZ Marketer of the Year


5:00 PM | Wrap up

Wrap up and drinks! 🎊

Workshop Three | Day One

Thursday 22 June, 2023

8:45 AM | The key strategy considerations for your next major campaign

What you really need to tell your agency.

David Halter, Chief Strategy & Growth Officer, dentsu International

9:45 AM | The media landscape - where is it going?

Expert panel with:


Nigel Douglas 
Nigel Douglas, Chief Executive Officer, OMD New Zealand
Liz Greor 
Elizabeth Geor, Head of Agency & Ecosystem, Google 
Liz Fraser
Liz Fraser, Commercial Director, MediaWorks
11:15 AM | How to get the best work from an agency

Panel of CMO’s and agency heads with:

Strahan Wallis, Chief Executive Officer, Clemenger Group 
AML Certification Confirmed Facilitators_Nikki McKelvie
Nikki McKelvie, Managing Director, DDB Aotearoa
Anna Lawrence 
Anna Lawrence, GM Brand, Customer Engagement 
& Sustainable Transport Education, Auckland Transport
Allison Yorston_AML Facilitator
Allison Yorston, Chief Marketing Officer, Frucor Suntory
1:00 PM | Critical thinking, problem solving & insights

Carl Davidson, Founder, Research First

3:00 PM | StratX BrandPro strategy simulation

Can your group break the NZ record of 311?

6:00 PM | Wrap up

Join us for canapés and drinks! ✨

Workshop Three | Day Two

Friday 23 June, 2023

8:45 AM | Creating buy in

Influencing C Suite and others through understanding your full organisational landscape. Issues include reception psychology, emotional and cultural intelligence, negotiating business development cross-culturally, better preparation.

Patrick Rottiers, Founder & Managing Director, PROConsulting International
Professor of Practice International Negotiations, Senior Lecturer & Exec Coach

12:30 PM | How to deal better with boards and C suite

Peter Stubbs, Director, WealthPoint

3:30 PM | Group project presentations to NZ Story led panel
Amy Knightley 
Amy Knightley, Director of Marketing, NZ Story Group

Philip Wood, President, British NZ Business Association

stevie weber-png

Stevie Weber, Executive Director - Strategy, dentsu NZ

Lauren Bartlett

Lauren Bartlett, Head of Marketing & Communications - Europe, NZ Trade & Enterprise
4:30 PM | Wrap up

Wrap up and celebratory drinks! 🎊🎉