B2B Disrupted 2024 (1)

B2B Disrupted


Thursday, 22 August 
9:30am - 4:00pm
Sudima Hotel | Christchurch City Centre 
47 Salisbury Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch

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Join us for a transformative one day workshop in Disruptive B2B Marketing, led by Steve Ballantyne, a seasoned expert with over 30 years of experience working with more than 100 B2B brands throughout Australasia.

The full day workshop isn’t just about learning; it's about revolutionising your approach to B2B marketing. You'll gain the knowledge and confidence to develop breakthrough marketing strategies, to differentiate your business, capture new market segments, and create a significant competitive advantage.

Immerse yourself in the best thinking from international B2B marketers, analyse top disruptive campaign case studies, and access simple yet powerful templates to guide you on your journey.

This course is designed to empower you to market more courageously and creatively, ensuring that you're not just part of the change, but leading it.

Embrace this opportunity to reshape your marketing mindset and drive unprecedented growth and innovation in your business and career.

  • $595.00 + GST Members
  • $895.00 + GST Non Members
  • Special rates available for students*, registered charities and multiple bookings. Contact us.
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Learning Outcomes

  • The neuroscience of disruption.

  • What is disruptive marketing and how does it apply to B2B.

  • Why disruptive marketing is crucial in the modern B2B landscape.

  • How to identify areas in your industry ripe for disruption.

  • A simple template for disruptive marketing strategy.

  • Analysing case studies of successful B2B disruptive marketing.

  • Enhance your skills through a creative thinking workshop.

  • The power of human-centric storytelling in B2B.

  • How to use emerging technologies for disruption.

  • Setting metrics to evaluate the impact of disruptive strategies.

  • The disruptive marketing mindset.

steve ballantyne

Facilitator, Steve Ballantyne

Director, Brand IQ

Steve Ballantyne is one of New Zealand's most seasoned B2B marketers, boasting a 30-year career that spans over 150 brands throughout Australasia. His workshops are a treasure trove of insightful case studies and captivating stories, all delivered through a lens of creativity and disruption unique to B2B marketing.

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