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The Battle Begins 23 August!

2021 Battle of the Brains is here, and we're looking for New Zealand's best brand strategy team!

This is not like entering into awards where everyone has different challenges, budget and market conditions. Using the world-famous BrandPro online business simulation, we test your ability to develop a good brand strategy and increase the value of your fictional company!

You will be making decisions on targeting, product, positioning and pricing strategies to drive company growth- this competition is a true battle of the marketing brains.

With each team presented with the same set of conditions, it is played on a level playing field. Choose your team wisely, or give it a go by yourself!

Registrations are now open!

Looking for a later date? We have 4 other dates for you to choose from!

  • 6th September - 15th September
  • 20th September - 29th September
  • 4th October - 13th October
  • 18th October - 27th October

Registrations for all dates are OPEN NOW! See below to book your team!


  • Team of 1
    Member: $425 +GST
    Non member: $725 +GST

  • Team of 2
    Member: $610 +GST
    Non member: $910 +GST

  • Team of 3
    Member: $790 +GST
    Non Member: $1,090 +GST

  • Team of 4
    Member: $970 +GST
    Non member: $1,270 +GST
Book Now for 23 August!


Option 3: Begins 6 September

Keen to be crowned New Zealand's Best Brand Strategy Team? Register for Battle now!

6 September - 15 September

Option 4: Begins 20 September

Keen to be crowned New Zealand's Best Brand Strategy Team? Register for battle now!

20 September - 29 September

Option 5: Begins 4 October

Keen to be crowned New Zealand's Best Brand Strategy Team? Register for battle now!

4 October - 13 October

Option 6: Begins 18 October

Keen to be crowned New Zealand's Best Brand Strategy Team? Register for battle now!

18 October - 27 October


About BrandPro

BrandPro is a brand strategy simulation to test your knowledge of brand strategy concepts. With a clear focus on targeting and positioning, participants oversee the marketing of 2 brands over the course of 5 simulated years.

How it works


The goal is to analyse financial and marketing position, decide strategic direction (targeting, product, positioning, pricing strategies) and maximize Sonite's share price index.


Using the world-famous BrandPro business simulation, kiwi marketers will get to experience a unique programme that is used by business schools globally including the Mark Ritson Mini MBA in Brand Management.


Not only will we find the overall best brand strategists, but who are the best strategists by sector? Colenso or DDB? Westpac, ANZ or will KiwiBank show the way? The BrandPro series will find out who has bragging rights by sector.

BrandPro is a business simulation that tests your ability to create a brand strategy.

You can enter by yourself or in a team up to 4 members

Yes! Anyone can be in your team - agencies and clients, young and old, cross-functional agile teams - all are acceptable as long as they have an email!

In a face to face workshop, it normally takes 3 to 4 hours. How long you decide to put into it is entirely up to you.

Your team has ten business days to complete the simulation

You can find our rules and regulations for the BrandPro Series here.

Easy peasy, just enrol through our event page!

Bulk rates are available, please contact john@marketing.org.nz

“BrandPro is an excellent way for participants to experience the impact of strategy in business. It generates a lot of energy in the class and it shows how brand strategy is a combination of strategic craft and management science.”

Prof. Dr. Andres Cuneo, Esade Business School, Spain.1

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Limited capacity - ensure you book yours before it sells out.