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Getting your life back by automating local marketing

Almost every multi-location or franchise brand marketing team faces the same challenge. Local outlets need local marketing support but head office doesn’t have the resources to adequately service them (and if you try you’re run off your feet). As a result, local staff get frustrated and may go off and do their own thing which will usually be below par and off-brand. Perhaps worse is when no local marketing gets done at all, and significant opportunity is lost for the location and the brand.

Automation is the only way to get your local area marketing humming and keep all your location staff happy. The first step for most brands is adopting a local self-service model with the help of an automation platform such as Brand Machine’s Marketing Hub. This will remove all the burden of creative and product management from head office, often saving hundreds of hours per month. Marketing Hub can automate the production of all print and digital media, along with animations for digital screens and social advertising.

Stage two will be to adopt a local digital publishing platform that allows head office to execute digital advertising at scale, with the software automatically localising content and targeting ad placement for each location or store. Brand Machine’s platform even allows dual funding models, so payment can be made by the locations themselves, or head office.

These new tools have seen many marketers ‘get their life back’, with time to focus on more important strategic initiatives once they are relieved of the small yet important demands from their locations for local marketing.

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