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Content Marketing Pitfalls

In the past, we saw some Content Marketing strategies that are best left exactly where they are now - behind us. This industry changes rapidly, and practices that worked just a year or so ago are no longer relevant today. In fact, there are some practices that are downright ethically questionable and others that are even punishable (by Google).

Of course, you don't want to be punished by Google, nor do you want to mislead your customers, so we're here to help you differentiate best practice from best practice 10 years ago.

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In this blog, we’ve rounded up the worst Content Marketing pitfalls so you know exactly what to avoid when building a master content strategy.

  • Keyword stuffing
    High-quality content doesn’t need keywords awkwardly jammed into every other sentence to rank. You don’t want to spam anyone with excessive links or keywords, otherwise, you’ll catch Big Brother’s attention. As we all know, Google penalties can lead businesses to ruin. And that’s definitely the last thing you’d want in 2019.
  • More pages, more traffic
    Yes, you’ll want to have as much traffic to your websites as possible. And one obvious solution for garnering said traffic is to create more pages. Good in theory, but practice is trickier. When it comes to content, place value in quality, not quantity.
  • Linking bad sites
    Google knows all, especially when you’re trying to cheat them. If you think you can hide a bad site under their noses, you better think again. Google’s Penguin algorithm update is in place to penalise low-quality backlinks. Check your moral compass with this practice and then disavow those links!
  • Ignoring image optimisation
    They’re just pictures, right? WRONG! While search engines can’t appreciate the beauty of your images, they can read the alt text and relevant file names to understand its context. Missing this tiny detail also means lost opportunities to be seen online.
  • Ignoring mobile optimisation
    If content is king then mobile is queen - you’re a fool to ignore it! When was the last time you met someone who doesn’t own a smartphone? Can’t remember? Neither do we. This is why it’s only rational to optimise your Content Marketing strategy to ensure your content is mobile-friendly.

Further, did you know that:

Important side note: There’s also a recent trend where people tend to use their mobile phones while they’re watching TV or browsing on their computers.

This is called second screen usage. It’s become so popular that social second screen usage during events has become a huge marketing opportunity for brands. In fact, 40.2% of female social media brand followers interacted with brands tweeting while watching cultural events on television.

Hopefully, this blog has given you a little food for thought, but if you find you’re feeling a little more stressed than relaxed, don’t worry – that’s what we’re here for!

We're a team of Content Marketing experts specialising in the ways of Inbound Marketing. We’re all about using great content to have meaningful conversations with audiences in the aim of generating more traffic, leads and conversions.

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