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Evolution of Presales -Traditionalism or Evangelism?

Traditionalism in sales is dying. In this complex new world, we live in, is it enough to just “sell” and expect to deliver results? Focusing more closely on MarTech/AdTech SaaS businesses alone, sales is no longer confined to just the “sales” or “new business” team, there is a larger, more compound unit behind delivering the best value to your customers to effectively convey your brand’s core message.

Pre-Sales. Solution Consulting. Solution Delivery. Sales Engineering. Whatever you call it, it’s there and it’s more valuable than ever.

I have countless amounts of conversations with Presales individuals every day, but I have recently noticed a shift in skills, desires and backgrounds of these people. Gone are the days of just providing product demos, “supporting sales pitches” and pulling together RFP’s; your customer requires much more substance than this.

Evangelism. What is Evangelism? How do I become an evangelist?

Educating, inspiring and architecting solutions for your customers; that is the real driving force behind a successful Presales person/team. Being able to convey a story, using experience, knowledge and data, creates and builds engagement with your clients, allowing them to make more informed decisions about their own digital marketing and advertising campaigns.

Don’t get left behind.

There is a new MarTech/AdTech SaaS business being started every day it seems – it is truly one of the fastest-growing markets around. These businesses are looking for A-players in order to compete with top technology vendors. This is simply not achievable unless you are a true thought leader in your space and genuinely immerse yourself in the technology – become an advocate for the platform, as you are the face of the business, you are the trusted advisor, you are the go-to and catalyst for enterprise-level business relationships.

Adding value is not a new philosophy but is easily lost at times. Presales is one of the first real interactions you get with your prospective clients – in a competitive market, provide more expertise and make it count.

As a Presales professional, are you adding true value to the sales process? As a business, are you taking advantage of a critical opportunity to truly engage your customers?

Article provided by Salt and written by Cian Knights.

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