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WFH Stories from the MA

Are you working from home? Me too!

For many of us, it’s a new experience, so I asked the Marketing Association team to share their thoughts with us. Here are a few insights to help you understand you’re not alone…other people are going through the same emotions and life changes.

“It's been brilliant” ….says Moomin Kheir (MA Marketing Manager)

"I am able to focus 150% more on my deadlines, priorities and tasks. I'm used to working independently at home or in co-working spaces, so this feels like going back to my true element.

I feel more myself in terms of getting work done, pushing ahead and being decisive. The video calls are awesome and there's a sense of real progress and connection to a common goal.

It’s amazing having my family around me they are my number one priority, so helping out with my son here and there truly relieves my wife."

Mickey from the MA events team had a mixed reaction:

"I enjoyed an extra two hours of sleep since I saved the time I would usually spend getting ready and being stuck in traffic…that was the only thing I enjoyed.

I hated working with just my laptop (I miss my other two screens!!) as it slowed me down a lot when I need to work with excel spreadsheets and keep switching between two browsers comparing data."

Mickey happens to be changing careers this week and Lisa (marketing) wrote:

"Today we farewelled a team member via a group Zoom meeting. It might have lacked the ceremoniousness of a shared pizza lunch, but I was proud that even in lockdown we came together to share our goodbyes and well-wishes.

I'm looking at free online courses I can do to 'sharpen the saw'. I intend to do half an hour to an hour of upskilling every day - once I find the right course.

Me and my flatmates are also building a veggie garden! So if this really does end up apocalyptic, I might have a couple of carrots and some beans to keep me going in the winter.”

Theresa from the Learning & Development team is frantically busy communicating with marketers on the MA’sonline courses. She wrote:

“For the last couple of days working from home, my body has been feeling a bit strained so today I ensured to take a couple of short breaks to stretch for at least 2 minutes. I also went out to the backyard to water my plants and get some fresh air at the same time. Feeling much better already! I’m also enjoying the very short travel to work.”

Those of you who know Debbie (Membership Manager) won’t be surprised to learn that Espresso deprivation figured highly in her concerns!

“First day WFH: dogs are LOVING this change in lifestyle!! Discovered I can multitask by continually throwing a ball across the room and type an email.

Second day: discovered that my local coffee supplier WON’T be making any exceptions to the total lockdown for me.

Third day: discovered, after my partner went on a mercy trip, that Nespresso coffee is acceptable

What will I discover tomorrow??”

Lone, (Content & Partnership Manager) is a highly intelligent observer:

“I’m used to working from home and normally find I can get more done in a day. But working from home with the whole COVID-19 situation playing out in the background is very different. I have found it hard to concentrate on work, mind jumping from thing to thing, wanting to keep an eye on the news, talking with my husband, ensuring my kids are okay and understand what’s going on, etc.

I’ve definitely had the whole “Fight or Flight” reactions happening in my body, with headaches, problems sleeping, problems concentrating, heart palpitations, etc – even though rationally I am not worried, and I’m well set up at home with my family around me and feeling safe. Been strange and fascinating experiencing this – and annoying, as I just want to get on with things!

On a positive note, I think this whole experience will give us more insight into each other’s private lives, not just colleagues but members and suppliers.

It’s also forcing us all to learn new tools and tech, so we can stay connected and also deliver our products to members. That’s a real positive and will help us going forward.”

And Kirsty, who incidentally joined MA as a temp’ from university some years ago and has just been appointed Chief Operating Officer….(congratulations Kirsty !) says:

“I have learnt that juggling work, being sick and having kids is not as much fun as sitting alone in my car in Auckland traffic for an hour getting to work……. ah the peace. I do like the fact my pantry and fridge are now full, so have an unlimited supply of food and drinks available to keep me recharged, and just hoping it doesn’t all go in the first two days. I find hiding myself away in the bedroom is very peaceful but need to install a lock on it. I am really enjoying the MA video calls we have been having, makes me feel more connected with the team. I have found I have had more actual conversations than emails with suppliers and contacts. It’s nice to have that human element as people obviously are looking for interaction rather than just text.”

And a couple of short ones from Jackie;

“Miss the office already and its only day 2. Stay safe."

And Shayne:

"I discovered red wine…….Need I say more?"

As for me:

“This has been my busiest week in years. Following all the Government announcements and interpreting what they mean for members. Learning a lot more about video communication and dealing with the problems created by the low-life who hacked into my email account were all new experiences. I also learned that is unwise to race to the office to catch a phone call whilst your meal is bubbling away in the kitchen….that was close!

I definitely love researching complicated Government communications whilst gazing at Kauri trees bathed in sunshine and I don’t miss driving into town one bit!”

So, how are you coping? If you need some tips about working from home just email contactus@marketing.org.nz and we’ll try to help.

Stay in your bubble and keep safe. 

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