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Member stories: Customer Radar

We asked MA Members to share how they've adapted to a world struck by COVID-19 through kindness, business pivots and customer care.

Here, Customer Radar CEO & Founder Mat Wylie shares how they developed a new contactless check-in product and took it to market within just two weeks, helping customers to reopen sooner and safer.

So it's another week of level four before we hit level three - and a week for many more businesses to prep for opening up.

As we serve mostly retail businesses, it's a huge relief that more of our clients will be able to open - albeit under very different circumstances than when they were open previously!

Our customers were hurting

This situation has been tough on all of us - and perhaps none more so than the retail and hospitality businesses which have had to completely close up shop over the last few weeks. As we came into lockdown, our clients were getting hit hard. They were in a lot of pain, and it was really bloody hard to watch. Many of them lost huge amounts, if not all revenue overnight, and some have had to let go of much-loved employees. Given that one of our values is that we care (about people, customers, and communities), we were desperate to find a way to help.

As we talked to our clients, we realised that many of our essential services clients were struggling to manage the check-in needed for contact tracing - when businesses have to collect people's names and contact details in case someone who has been through the store is diagnosed with COVID-19. We also saw that this would likely be a requirement for businesses as we started to come down the alert levels.

That's where the idea for Customer Radar Check-in came from.

Taking a proactive approach

This Check-in platform provides contactless check-in that enables easy contact tracing and virtual queue management - helping businesses open sooner. Businesses can know exactly who's come in and out, store that information securely, and can provide it to the health authorities as needed.

The platform enables you to easily collect customers information, notify them when they can come onto your premises, and even ask for feedback once they've left - closing the loop, staying in touch, and helping you ensure that you're still providing great customer experience during this crazy situation. With everything going on right now, that customer experience has become more important than ever - so having touchpoints at each part of the customer journey enables you to navigate alert level changes while responding and meeting customer needs.

Making the UX easy

At Customer Radar, our philosophy has always been to make it really easy for the customer; to eliminate unnecessary friction and create a seamless user experience (because we know that reflects back on our clients). With no requirement to download an app, customers can check-in via QR code, landing page or text, so no matter what kind of device they're using, they're sorted.

By enabling customers to use their own everyday device to provide their details as they enter your premises, you also eliminate the need to touch anything or use a shared touch screen, keeping both shoppers and employees safe.

Getting to market quickly

The new offering is built on top of our existing customer feedback platform. By pivoting our technology and making tweaks to allow it to be used for this purpose, we've been able to launch the new platform quickly and at an accessible price point. We're really proud that we're able to help more Kiwi businesses navigate these unusual times and that we have the technology to do so now.

As a business, our purpose is to create wow moments - something that's been pretty tricky during this time considering so many of our clients are going through their toughest times ever. But we think this is an incredible opportunity to not just solve a real problem for our customers, but also help them still provide wow moments for their own customers - turning what can be a stressful and frustrating process into something really easy and safe.

From a marketing and business growth perspective, Check-in has been a lifesaver. It's enabled us to solve a very real need in the market, and the concept immediately connected with our current clients and networks.

After developing the idea in early April, we worked with our team to get it ready to launch within a week, and went live with it on the 9th of April. It took some very long days from the whole team to make it happen and we've had a "do whatever it takes" mindset.

We utilised our existing networks and social media platforms to spread the word, and have since had lots of interest from existing clients and other businesses. We're launching the first use of Check-in this week with a group of Unichem and Life pharmacies, and are excited to see how well it will help them streamline their contact tracing, queue management, and feedback.

With alert level three on the horizon, we know that contact tracing is going to be a major player in New Zealand's efforts to completely eliminate the spread of COVID-19 and get the economy back up and running again. We hope to be a big part of making that happen.

Article provided by Customer Radar.

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