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Creative side-hustles help maintain wellbeing

MAS shares the stories of four professionals who found that exploring creative pursuits can serve...

Good mental health relies on strong relationships

How can you strengthen relationships even if you've moved away or are under the pump at work? MAS...

Tackling climate change begins at home

MAS shares the story of Robin Treadwell: a senior living a sustainable lifestyle and helping others...

Rediscover your creativity to be happier and healthier

Work and play are usually thought of as opposites but what if they were complementary? There's...

Helping the helpers

MAS shares the story of Mother's Helpers: a charity raising awareness about antenatal and postnatal...

Are we losing our bargains?

A year ago there was an article in the New Zealand Herald claiming that "$6 out of every $10 spent...

What does AI mean for the professions?

Science fiction and science fact are growing ever closer together as machine learning and...

Does my organisation need a data strategy?

The answer is almost certainly yes.

WFH Stories from the MA

Are you working from home? Me too!

To tier or not to tier

How many tiers is too many? This article from Truth investigates tiered loyalty programmes and how...

Rewarding outside the box

Customers want more than financial incentives from loyalty programmes. This article from Truth...

The test of time

What does it take for a loyalty programme to stand the test of time? This article from Truth looks...

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