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A review of Smarter Data Conference 2021: My first experience attending

It was my first time attending Smarter Data and I really didn’t know what to expect. I have always...

How to Engage with Customers in a Meaningful Way

After a year where so much has changed for both consumers, and us as marketers, how do we continue...

What Marketers Need to Know as Google Ends Third-Party Cookies

Is the internet facing a future without third-party cookies? Recent proposals and initiatives...

How much is a data breach worth?

In 2018 around 500,000 travellers, as usual, visited one of their preferred airline companies’...

Google Ads Credit Roll out in New Zealand

Back in March Google announced on their official blog that they would be giving $800+ million to...

SEO: What you need to know about Google's May 2020 Core Update

Google took a two-month break during COVID-19 from making any algorithm updates, but on the 5th of...

Preparing for a cookie-less world

What’s the issue? Ad-tech on the web has traditionally been underpinned by third-party cookies....

Does my organisation need a data strategy?

The answer is almost certainly yes.

What is your data worth? Probably less than it could be.

1. The value of your data depends on the skills of your people

Take five: Five things marketers should know about the GDPR

For many in the marketing and retail industries, GDPR is a daunting acronym that fills them with...

Do Kiwis really care about their data privacy?

The use of data by businesses and government agencies has hit media headlines for all the wrong...

What New Zealand marketers need to know about the GDPR

The GDPR refers to the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation, which was passed in...

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