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Why slow hiring can hurt your business

When you advertise a vacancy in your team, a slick hiring process should be your top priority. Not...

Considering contracting? 5 things to think about

The gig economy has revolutionised the workplace, opening up contracting opportunities for workers...

How to attract talent when you don't have a beer tap

“Without a beer tap in the office, beanbags, yoga mats in your breakout area, and a rooftop terrace...

How to Improve Diversity in your Workplace

Our latest Salt Session was all about Diversity, with four industry-leading speakers; Entrepreneur...

Job hunting has become a lot like online shopping!

What's the first thing you would do when searching for a job?

Future proofing sourcing and flying pigs

There is a war for talent and digital talent picks you, standing out from the crowd isn't easy. So...

Salt's Women in Tech Series

In this series so far: Annette Rangi, GM Operations/Sales at New Era Technology Louise...

How to write a great CV

Writing a CV can be frustrating. You know you could do the job you're applying to, but how do you...

Hiring? Don't be afraid to stand out

Of course, you want the best, but what is the best? How do you define what looks good, how do you...

10 considerations to get your hiring right from the point your new venture hatches

Preparing for rapid headcount growth, whether you are a newly formed startup, a growing SME or a...

So, you've got an interview!

We know you probably know these common interview tips already but, to ensure you make a great first...

How do you Really Keep Employees Engaged?

Employee Engagement was covered in detail at Engagedly's [Engage + Perform] HR Summit. Nigel...

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