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Professional Certified Marketer

Core Skills

Gain the essential skills to help you be industry ready


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Core skills help build a broad base of knowledge, from core marketing planning to copywriting and social media.

This certification is designed for graduates or people new to the marketing profession to help them be more industry-ready.

With a workshop from the Professional Certified Marketer - Core Skills program, you can build your knowledge, gain a recognised qualification and expand your career opportunities – without disrupting your busy schedule.

The program is flexible so you can fit it into your busy schedule. Complete six workshops and a work based project (can be completed over 3 years), which is assessed by the University of Canterbury, and you can let employers know you have the base of knowledge add more value in your marketing role. See below for the great range of workshops.

Core Knowledge for Your Marketing Career

Created by the NZ Marketing Academy and the University of Canterbury, the Core Skills certificate covers the core competencies needed for today's marketing professionals.

This certification is aimed at developing practical marketing skills that help you in your day to day role and be industry ready for your marketing career.

A Flexible, Recognised Certification

The certification is designed for working professionals, with learning that fits around your work hours.

Choose six NZ Marketing Academy workshops and complete a work-based project which is assessed by the University of Canterbury.

When your work is complete, you'll be a Professional Certified Marketer and receive a micro-credential issued by the University of Canterbury.

The core workshops are:

Marketing Bootcamp

Bringing you key marketing foundations that you can apply to a business, corporate or non for profit (or perhaps just a good idea!)

Content Marketing

This course is designed to help you devise a content marketing strategy and implement it. Learn how to create and distribute quality content to bring in customers and measure the effectiveness of content strategies to deliver the best return on your investment.

The Essentials of Digital Marketing

Covering everything from strategy, through to content and the different digital platforms available. This workshop is designed to give you a better understanding of the digital marketing landscape.

Social Media for Marketers

Covering the core principles and concepts of social media, this course will give you the understanding and confidence to run your social media strategy successfully - and look professional doing it.

The Secret Sauce of Great Copywriting

Telling your story through words is one part of the equation, creating content that people care about enough to engage with is another! Join us to discover how you can craft copy that adds credibility and charisma to your brand.

Electives (choose 1 day, or two 1/2 days)

Mapping the Customer Journey
1/2 day

Gain the insight, tools, and information to better understand your customer's journey and create vital competitive advantage for your business.

Google Ads - The Profitable Way

Join Rod Russell for a hands-on Google Ads course that will take you through the best practices on setting up, creating, and leveraging Google Ads to work with you.

Customer Experience

Learn about the importance of customer-centricity for branding purposes and what is required to develop a comprehensive customer-centric marketing strategy.

Digital Storytelling

If you’re a marketer who “gets” storytelling and want to take your digital storytelling to the next level, this interactive workshop is perfect for you.

The ABC of B2B communications

In three stages, you'll find out how to turn samey, forgettable propositions into memorable, distinctive and effective campaigns that engage business audiences on a human level.

Mastering the Creative Brief

Learn how to identify what an ideal creative brief looks like and explore the implications of Field & Bidet's analysis of effectiveness, to understand why it is so important to master the creative brief.

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