Influencer Marketing and Paid Media Advertising

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Influencer + Paid Social Advertising Masterclasses

Tuesdays| 3 October - 24 October, 2023
12:00pm - 1:30pm

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Combining Influencer and Paid Media Advertising into one workshop!


Part one: Influencer Masterclass 

Learn the basics of influencer marketing, how to formulate an influencer marketing strategy, and how to run a successful campaign. Additionally, you will learn about extending on an initial campaign and being able to leverage influencers to become sales and research channels.

Part two: Paid Social Media Advertising 

Learn how to set up a proper full-funnel customer and lead generation acquisition strategy. This includes understanding various targeting options, KPIs, pixel installation and event tracking, and audience building. You will also learn how to optimize and scale the business based on those metrics, and advanced bidding strategies.

Overall, this workshop will teach you how to make the most of influencer marketing and paid social media advertising by giving you the skills to run successful campaigns and maximize your return on investment.


Course structure
A live session will be held each Tuesday from 12:00pm - 1:30pm over 4 weeks. The facilitator will present that week's topic live online with other participants. There will also be activities and resources to support your learning.

You can do the Influencer workshop as a two-week workshop, Paid Social Advertising as a two-week workshop or both as a four-week workshop.

PRICING (Influencer + Paid Social workshops)
  • $650.00 + GST Members
  • $950.00 + GST Non Members
PRICING (Part one: Influencer Masterclass)
  • $400.00 + GST Members
  • $550.00 + GST Non Members
PRICING (Part two: Paid Social Media Advertising)
  • $400.00 + GST Members
  • $550.00 + GST Non Members

Special rates available for students, registered charities and multiple bookings. Contact us.

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Learning Outcomes

You'll Learn About

  • Basics of influencer marketing and how to formulate a successful influencer strategy
  • Extending an initial campaign and leveraging influencers to become sales and research channels


So You Can

  • Effectively promote and sell your products or services online
  • Maximize your ROI and reach a larger audience

To Achieve

  • A solid understanding of influencer marketing and how to formulate an effective strategy
  • The ability to leverage influencers as sales and research channels

Who Should Attend?

  • Business owners
  • Marketing professionals
  • Social media managers
  • Content creators



Facilitator, Oli Garside

Training & Campaign Manager, MOSH Social Media

With over 9 years of Digital Marketing experience across multiple brands and business sectors, Oli brings a great deal of real-world knowledge to his facilitation.



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