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The Inaugural Keith  Norris Charity Golf Cup

Thursday 19 May 2022
12:00pm (Tee off 12.30pm)
Akarana Golf Course
1388 Dominion Road, Mount Roskill, Auckland

* Registrations are now open.  Numbers are limited, so book your team early to avoid disappointment.  Teams will be confirmed on first come served basis.

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Interested in being a Hole Sponsor?

If you’re interested in supporting this fabulous day, please email Melanie Esplin, Partnerships Manager, Melanoma New Zealand or Debbie Curtz, our Membership and Partnerships Manager, and they would be happy to assist you.


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The Marketing Association, in association with The Pond, is hosting the inaugural Keith Norris Charity Golf event at Akarana Golf Course with all proceeds benefiting Melanoma New Zealand -  the only charity in New Zealand solely championing the prevention, detection, and the treatment of melanoma for all New Zealanders.

This is the MA's one charity day of the year when we get marketers to socialise and support a fabulous cause. 

If you're interested in supporting this fabulous day for marketers, get a team together and enter! Plus, there are also hole sponsorship options available. Please email Melanie Esplin, Partnerships Manager, Melanoma New Zealand or Debbie Curtz, our Membership and Partnerships Manager, and they would be happy to assist you. 

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  • $300 + GST for a team of 3

* Registrations for teams open mid December.  Numbers are limited, so book your team early to avoid disappointment.

Following the Government’s announcement My Vaccine Passes will no longer be required for attendees, speakers, sponsors, staff and suppliers to attend this event. 

During the ‘orange’ light setting face masks are still recommended for all attending at this event and other health and safety measures will be followed as well.

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Keith Norris

This event is acknowledging the huge contribution Keith Norris has made to the New Zealand Marketing Profession with over 40 years of service.


About The Event:


102 golfing guests (34 teams) comprised of marketers, creatives and business leaders.

*Entries are open now and are on a first come first serve basis

Eighteen holes of golf, prizes to be won, and the potential to be the first team to hoist the Keith Norris Cup as champions

Free skin cancer spot checks on site on Melanoma New Zealand’s Spot Check Van

Event Rules:


Individual handicaps must be declared.  If you do not have an official handicap then a best guess will suffice (max 24).

To calculate your team handicap, add all your team members course handicaps, then divide by twice the amount of players (eg: Teams of 3 divide by 6).

Game Format and Ambrose Rules

  • All players tee off on every hole.
  • The team then selects one shot to be their best shot, which is where they will ALL play their second shot from.
  • To continue from the point of the best shot spot, you may place your ball within one club length no nearer the hole.
  • Once on the green, the best positioned ball is marked and all players putt from that point, within one putter head length no nearer the hole, until the hole is finished.
  • You must use a minimum of 4 tee shots per player.


  • There is only one score for the team per hole. Team captains record the gross score for each hole (number of shots taken to put the ball in the hole plus any penalties).
  • Team net score when you’ve finished 18 holes’ is calculated by deducting the team handicap from the gross score. 

Dress Code

You will not be able to play unless you follow the dress code at the course.  This is: no jeans on the course, collared shirt, and golf shoes must be worn on the course.  If you do not have golf shoes please wear running shoes.  Smart jeans can be worn in the clubhouse.

Rate of Play

If you lose sight of a ball, have a quick scan of the area but move on quickly to avoid holding up others.        


The Cause

We aim to raise more than $20,000 on the day to advance Melanoma New Zealand’s mission of providing information and support to melanoma patients and their families, and to champion the prevention and early detection of melanoma.

The statistics are dire…

  • New Zealand’s melanoma incidence rate is the highest in the world
  • More than 6500 melanomas are diagnosesd in New Zealand every year - that's around 18 every day
  • More than 300 New Zealanders die of melanoma every year – in fact, more people die of skin cancer than on our roads
  • Although rare, melanoma can occur in children and it is reasonalby common in young age groups (25-39)
  • Maori and Pacific Islanders may have a lower risk,  but they often get thicker, more serious melanomas
  • Any UV damage to the skin, such as a tan or sunburn, at any age, increases the risk of melanoma later in life

But… if melanoma is recognised and treated early enough, it is almost always curable.

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