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Marketing Disrupted Series - Creative Draft (5)

Marketing Disrupted:
Inspiration from international innovators

Episode One: Dr Peter Wilton, Berkeley Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley

Thursday 23 September 2021
12.00pm - 1.00pm


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Stuck in our bubbles we crave inspiration and fresh thinking from the wider world.

MA’s new online series ‘Marketing Disrupted’ allows Kiwi marketers to learn directly from leading international experts and innovative thinkers. Our keynote speakers will discuss innovation and disruption in marketing, data, technology, and business.

Join us this September 23rd to hear from Dr Peter Wilton, talking all about building the future ready business: reframing and disruptive innovation.

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Episode One:
Building the Future Ready Business: Reframing and Disruptive Innovation

To build the future ready business, we need to ask three questions:
1. How do we intend to operate and compete?
2. how do we intend to engage customers?
3. How do we intend to engage employees?

These questions can be answered from two mind-sets, two wholly distinct strains of innovation, both fundamental to success:
1. Sustain and reinvent the core (sustained innovation)
2. Discover and test new value models (reframing or disruptive innovation)

Sustaining innovation creates continuous, incremental improvements to an existing product or service for the customers you have today whereas disruptive innovation – what Wilton calls “reframing” – is an entirely new approach to creating value for your organization through something that does not currently exist to engage the customers you want tomorrow.
Of the two, reframing innovation appears initially to offer higher risk … but also the killer rewards. Relying too much on sustaining innovation can pose an even greater risk: the loss of market relevance. Listen to how taking this approach has numerous benefits including the ability to attract top talent to your organization because they can be part of something that is reimagining the future.

If there is just one webinar to listen to, this is it as Peter will change your thinking of how you approach to strategy in your workplace. He certainly influenced much of my thinking for the last ten years!” – John Miles, CEO NZ Marketing Association and avid follower of Peter.

Peter Wilton

Dr Peter Wilton

World renowned thought leader on strategic innovation, digital disruption and organisational transformation and customer loyalty architectures

Berkeley Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley



Episode Two: 28 September


Driving deeper emotional consumer connections using data as a disruptive platform
Jatinder Singh, Chief Data Officer, DDB North America

Episode Three: 30 September


What happens when brands stop advertising?
Dr Nicole Hartnett, Senior Marketing Scientist, Ehrenberg-Bass Institute Australia

Episode Four: 7 October


Why does the pedlar sing? What creativity really means in advertising - can it still disrupt markets?
Paul Feldwick, Advertising Industry Thought Leader, UK