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Battle of the Brains is back for 2021!

We're back!

2021 Battle of the Brains is here, and we're looking for New Zealand's best brand strategy team!

This is not like entering into awards where everyone has different challenges, budget and market conditions. Using the world-famous BrandPro online business simulation, we test your ability to develop a good brand strategy and increase the value of your fictional company!

You will be making decisions on targeting, product, positioning and pricing strategies to drive company growth- this competition is a true battle of the marketing brains.

With each team presented with the same set of conditions, it is played on a level playing field. Choose your team wisely, or give it a go by yourself!

The first set of teams will battle it out starting on 9 August. Registrations for 2021 will start on 8 July.

Register your interest today here!

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