Podcast For Marketers Workshop

LIVE at Lunchtime - Online Training

Podcasting for Marketers

Thursdays 8 June and 15 June
12:30pm - 2:00pm



In this Podcasting for Marketers workshop you'll hear about NZ brands and companies who are currently making successful podcasts. You'll dive into which kinds of podcasts work, why even add a podcast to your marketing mix, understanding podcast trends and audiences, varying styles of podcasts, and how to actually make one.

Don't miss out on this online workshop where you'll find out everything you need to know about launching your own podcast! 

Course structure

A live session will be held over two Thursdays at 12.30pm - 2:00pm. The facilitator will present that week's topic live online with other participants. 


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  • $250.00 + GST Non Members

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Session 1: Why a Podcast?

  • Which NZ brands and companies are making podcasts and what are they about?
  • Why add a podcast to your communications and marketing mix
  • Understanding podcast trends and audiences.
  • Different styles of podcasts and how to choose your topic.
  • How to make a podcast and the resourcing involved - overview.

Case Study 1 - Be Pure podcast. Brand experience podcast.

Case Study 2 - The Property Academy podcast. Over 60,000 downloads per week.

What You'll Learn - Session 1

  • Understand how a podcast can help you achieve your marketing objectives, including growing your brand and discover new audiencesUnderstand the process and resourcing involved to make a podcast.
  • Develop concepts for potential podcast topics for your audience.


Session 2: Producing your first podcast from planning to execution

  • What are the different styles of podcasts and when to use them
  • Choosing an engaging topic and audience
  • Getting your project across the line
  • Finding the right host
  • Episode planning, scripting and pre-interviews
  • Thinking about intros and outros
  • Recording and post production
  • Podcast distribution and marketing
  • Best practise, learnings and things to avoid

What You'll Learn - Session 2

How to plan a podcast from idea to distribution

What to prepare in advance for recording

Ways to promote your podcast


Facilitator, Joanne Luxton, Studio Manager, Crescendo Studio

Meet Joanne Luxton, an experienced podcast producer who has worked on all aspects of podcasting, from pre-production to distribution. With a background in advertising and direct marketing, as well as an MBA in operations and management, Jo has a unique skill set that enables them to work with clients to create engaging podcasts that people want to listen to.


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