Jess Scott - Customer Lifecycle Specialist at TradeMe and past attendee of Women in Marketing shares her insights and reasons why everyone - not just women - can benefit from the MA's Women in Marketing Conference.

As a previous attendee of the Marketing Association’s first-ever, Women in Marketing conference in 2019, I was excited to see it back on the line-up for 2021. Not only was it a standout for the year's event calendar, but an opportunity to come at marketing from all angles, and enjoy a fantastic afternoon.

There was one thing that was lacking though, and an obvious lack at that - Men. Contrary to what the name of the event is, the Women in Marketing conference is not just for Women in Marketing, and here are a few reasons why:

  1. Ever wondered why you’re just not getting through to your female audience? Your message isn’t resonating but you don’t know how to make it click? Women in Marketing is here to save the day! Find out how to best engage with your female audience, and see those metrics take a turn for the better.
  2. Don’t get ‘cancelled’ in 2021. Gen Z is hot on the heels of any brand that may be misrepresented in any way, shape or form. This includes the representation of women in advertising. The backlash of making a wrong move just isn’t worth it, but what is, is educating ourselves to do better in the way we market.
  3. It’s not a secret that companies continue to struggle with diversity, especially at a Board, CMO or Executive level. It’s also not as simple as ‘just hiring more females’. Women in Marketing showcases a range of talented, strong females that lead the way for other talented & strong females - the types of people you not only want but need on your teams.
  4. It’s empowering! The dreaded ‘imposter syndrome’ doesn’t discriminate, and hits us all at one stage or another in our careers. This event is guaranteed to lift you up, and give you some key tips & tricks on how to overcome it - no matter what your gender!
  5. We all have something to learn, right?! Knowledge is power, why not sit in a room full of knowledgeable marketers and soak it all in.

And last, but not least. The goodie bags! You can’t tell me that you wouldn’t benefit from that?! Face cream, hand cream, chocolates - welcome to the finer things in life (or at least, take it home to your wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, and score some extra brownie points!)

Women in Marketing is for all. It’s a fun afternoon, filled with like-minded people and I hope to see you there.

Come on men, do it for the girls!