A Seriously Sweet Easter

Entrant: TRACK NZ
Nominee: AA Insurance
Awards: Industry Gold - Financial Services, Channel Bronze - Direct Response (any media)


In 2018, AA Insurance launched ‘Live a little freer’, a powerful brand platform. However, direct response activity was generic, lacklustre, and incentive wear-out was on the horizon.

Traditionally, AA Insurance had approached acquisition with a bi-annual incentivised drive, using a $50 Prezzy® card as the offer. Results from this strategy were solid, but concerns were raised around incentive wear-out and audience fatigue.

The strategy needed a shake-up. Easter was made the focus, as the time Kiwis take road trips and consider the importance of being covered.

The campaign heroed the $50 Prezzy® card offer, a new approach for AA Insurance. All touchpoints conveyed a unified message with distinctive and appealing creative.

Mass media (TV, radio, OOH) gave the required reach, and the digital sales funnel ensured the right message reached the customer at the appropriate point in their buying journey.

Data gave the opportunity to talk directly to prospects at key insurance consideration moments, adapting the creative to reflect not only the time the prospect was viewing the promotion, but also the exact moment they were in, such as checking the weather online or waiting for a bus. And the direct appeal of the creative execution ensured the message was heard, and acted upon.

The sheer amount of channels, the directness of headlines, and the sweet offer presented at contextually relevant times with a strong call to action, turned a hard-hitting retail campaign into a seriously successful direct response campaign.

The refreshed $50 Prezzy® card offer delivered a 42% boost in sales above plan and achieved the three highest sales days ever for AA Insurance. Another objective was to drive awareness of Small Business Insurance, a fairly new product. Over the campaign period, enquiries for this increased by 53% compared to the 6 weeks prior. A sweet result all round.