The Keith Norris Direct Marketing Organisation of the Year Award

FlexiGroup New Zealand


FlexiGroup New Zealand is an innovative financial services company delivering smart, customer-centric financial solutions for consumers and businesses across New Zealand.

With a diversified product offering including interest-free credit, credit cards, long-term finance, leasing, and vendor finance programs – FlexiGroup holds a 13,000 strong network of retail partners throughout New Zealand. It is a highly skilled direct marketing organisation rewriting the payments playbook with customer-centric card brands and digital payments technology.

Flexigroup is one of the most committed, high performing direct marketing centric organisations in New Zealand - and yet no one knows about this extraordinary achiever. Flexigroup isn't one of the big banks, nor do they rely on big above the line spends on mass awareness channels.

Yet they literally produce hundreds of best practice, high performance direct marketing campaigns every year. Every single one of those campaigns leverages best in class customer insight, data segmentation, creative development, media strategy and campaign performance metrics.

As an organisation, Flexigroup invests continuously in the fundamental pillars of direct marketing - data analytics, customer segmentation, customer experience, multi-channel CRM, innovative creative campaigns, enhanced digital CX and campaign performance analysis tools.

Over the last two years alone, Flexigroup has transformed their business results, achieving double digit growth in key customer segments. And in doing so, Flexigroup has delivered thousands of new customers every month into the business, with tens of thousands of new customers coming on board in one year - all within a highly competitive financial services landscape.

Flexigroup's strategic vision as a direct marketing centric organisation doesn't stop with marketing campaigns. It extends further to the customer experience - frictionless customer acquisition and journeys together with seamless onboarding and activation of new customers.

The massive results Flexigroup generates demonstrates the extraordinary skill of this organisation and its marketing team.