Fuel on Us

Entrant: Rainger & Rolfe
Nominee: BP New Zealand
Awards: Industry Silver - Retail & E-commerce, Craft Bronze - Excellence in Strategy


BP’s promise is to make the ‘Everyday, brighter’. But how would we do that in a cents-per-litre battleground, with fierce market conditions? They were being outspent in media by major competitors and undercut on the price board by no-frills competitors. Market share growth was tough, the industry volumes were soft with year-on-year decline, and the loyalty landscape was about to go through another shake-up - it was anyone’s game.

To win volume and grow market share, BP needed to acquire new customers at a rate never attempted and stimulate their current base, diverting as many fill-ups to BP as possible.

The chosen approach was to use the AA Smartfuel programme strategically to get more people fuelling up with BP more often, with a never-done-before promotion: Win your fuel on us.

The campaign was designed and delivered through the AA loyalty platform using a CRM strategy of Relevance, Recognition and Reward, alongside behavioural insight.

Communications were used to inspire immediate, trackable, behaviour change through a highly targeted, direct campaign (eDM, TXT and in-app messaging and personalised offers) to 12 targeted segments.

The promotion gave BP a reason to talk to prospects and customers over 7 weeks and give them a new reason to swipe every week. Swiping was made into something exciting, exciting that gave people that instant ‘winning feeling’.

Behavioural psychology was used to reprogram people's beliefs about BP's value proposition and systemically reprogram their petrol station preference. BP reinvigorated their loyalty programme in the process, winning volume and market share that would otherwise have gone to competitors.

The campaign had a massive positive impact on the business. The volume of incremental fills exceeded targets significantly and BP won thousands of new customers, 190% of their target. The best result: they grew their market share, driving it up to BP’s highest in 6 years.