Internet of Awesome Things

Entrant: Spark IoT
Nominee: New Zealand AIDS Foundation
Awards: Industry Silver - Technology & Emerging Technologies


The Internet of Things – IoT for short – helps us connect to previously ‘dumb’ objects and collect data from them. Although it’s been around for a long time, barriers to entry are disappearing rapidly. In 2019, the technology finally brought real end-to-end solutions into play for business.

This made it the right time for Spark IoT to try and get the new financial year off to a fast. Injecting the sales pipeline with ‘hot’ opportunities early would put them in a strong position for closing IoT deals earlier and meeting their ambitious financial targets.

But it wouldn't be easy. Selling IoT is complex and the sales cycle typically takes six months, because customers, Spark IoT and their partners have to collaborate to identify the business problem and then source and trial the technology that will solve it.

To help more Kiwi businesses harness the power of this technology, Spark needed to inspire them and showcase the value New Zealand-based businesses were already experiencing. And to stay true to the brand, Spark needed to showcase it in the most genuine, trustworthy way. A traditional, above the line campaign wasn’t going to cut it.

As a result, The Internet of Awesome Things campaign was developed, including an invite-event with speakers from New Zealand businesses already seeing results from IoT, and a podcast series hosted by tech journalist Russell Brown. This mix of tactical sales engagement and thought leadership successfully moved the IoT conversation from hype and into reality.

A significant in-year ROI could be attributed to the event and podcast activity, with nearly double that still in the sales pipeline. 86% of event attendees said they gained valuable insights. And the podcast has attracted strong listenership, beating the global average listening time. For Spark and its customers, 2019 was the year IoT well and truly arrived.