$69 Exam & X-Rays Offer Campaign

Entrant: Lumino The Dentists
Awards: Craft Bronze - Excellence in Strategy


Lumino’s top-level three-year strategic marketing plan includes brand, digital transformation, and data integration to deliver outstanding improvements in business performance. This campaign was launched in the early stages of this new strategic direction, yet still utilised all aspects of the broader strategic plan at a tactical level.

The $69 Exam & X-Rays Offer is Lumino’s key acquisition campaign, offering new patients a check-up at a fixed, low-entry price point. The campaign also utilised this offer as a reactivation email campaign to win back patients who haven’t visited a Lumino practice for up to 60 months. Data analytics show that new patients who first visit to take up this offer are just as valuable, if not more, than non-promotion new patients, with an average spend of $600 each.

This was the first integrated campaign of its type for Lumino, using complex segmentation, testing, and optimisation across all digital layers. It was rolled out across Facebook, Instagram, Neighbourly email, display, and paid search, with a final channel test on Snapchat.

The strategy, tactics and process broke new ground for the business and required both a high degree of collaboration and continuous monitoring.

At the three-week campaign review, Lumino practices had 28% more bookings than from the 2018 email campaign. The number of practices who had patients with completed offer appointments was 22% higher. The unique open rate for campaign email was 14% higher than the previous year the unique clickthrough rate was 5% higher. The bounce rate was 63% lower and the unsubscribe rate was 30% lower

Lumino were able to adapt the broader three-year strategic plan and transform it into a structured, tactical response-driven campaign, achieving results never seen before in the business and making a significant impact to the bottom line, for 2019 and beyond.