MARS - Puppo

Entrant: Colenso BBDO
Nominee: MARS
Awards: Craft Gold - Excellence in Personalisation


In the current pet food market, a dog’s food options are bucketed based on their size or breed; never their personality. The uniqueness of a dog has never made the leap from the mind of the owner to their dog’s bowl. The pet nutrition category is big, well established and very competitive. It is also a set-and-forget purchase decision, that has a lot of inertia associated with changing.

Enter Puppo, an online pet nutrition start-up, that caters to every dog’s uniqueness by providing personalised nutrition plans for each dog’s individual dietary requirements. For the launch of Puppo to New York City, it only seemed natural to create a unique ad for every unique New York City dog - all 100,729 of them.

The agency developed a bespoke algorithm to extract data from the NYC Dog Licensing Dataset, matching every dog to a Puppo health benefit and dynamically building creative with a modular copy and art direction system. This data was then used to target the audience by zip-code.

The ads individually addressed the dogs by name and breed, with visual assets and copy that spoke to the unique health benefits a Puppo diet could help address.

The posters also drove the audience online with QR codes to unique landing pages to start their shopping experience.

Not only did this beautifully mirror the service itself, but the hyper-personalisation got much needed cut through in a city known for being completely saturated with advertising. saw a 68% spike in new users in just one week and a 144% increase in organic web searches for Puppo. The unique posters grabbed attention and drove direct response, with 28% of new users coming to a personalised landing page via the posters’ unique QR codes.