Musashi Beat Your Best Challenge

Entrant: Energi Advertising
Nominee: Vitaco
Awards: Industry Gold - Healthcare & Wellness


The Musashi Beat Your Best Challenge was a fully integrated promotion designed to drive market presence and trial of Musashi protein bars.

A lot of brands in the category talk their game up on pack and on-shelf – with a similar language of tough masculinity, hardness and conventional ingredient references, and big man-sized packaging. By contrast, the creative path Musashi chose was to walk the talk, embodying ‘The Musashi Way’ by inviting guys to step up and take the challenge on physically.

The Challenge was designed to give young male athletes an exciting branded experience at the right time and place, and in the right mindset that is most important to them – training at the gym. In this way the promotion is about as direct as DM can get. It threw light on the brand in an authentic and exciting way for the target audience to experience and share with their friends.

The Challenge was comprised of a mix of live branded activations at Auckland gyms and a microsite, and amplified through a radio partner, social media, eDMs to gym memberships and a hand-picked selection of key influencers.

It worked brilliantly, sending Musashi’s social media and web site metrics off the charts. The activations touched an estimated 880 people directly and there was a total of 3,000 Musashi protein bars sampled.

Over the two months of The Challenge Musashi’s grocery sales value lifted by an impressive 45% above the similar period last year.

The Musashi Beat Your Best Challenge got right up in the face of the target market - mano a mano - at a time and place relevant to them, throwing down the gauntlet of a physical test and rewarding them with Musashi product and a moment of fame online.