Nothing Beats GRIT

Entrant: Les Mills International
Awards: Industry Gold - Healthcare & Wellness, Channel Bronze - Campaign Website


Les Mills International creates global group fitness programs, licensed by 20,000 clubs in 100 countries, and taught by 140,000 certified instructors. The role of global sales and marketing is to grow program licenses – and revenue from the B2B subscription model – year on year.

LES MILLS GRIT™ is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program scientifically-developed to build cardiovascular fitness while improving strength, building lean muscle and maximising calorie burn.

Gen Z and Millennials currently make up over 80% of fitness consumers, and over 24% of this demographic participate in HIIT workouts, one of the fastest growing exercise categories in the world. Fitness clubs need to offer a scalable and proven solution to target these exercisers, and LES MILLS GRIT is positioned as the best researched, highest quality HIIT workout available.

The attitudinal single-minded proposition Nothing Beats GRIT was created to position it as a workout that fills classes and keeps members coming back for more. Dynamic campaign visuals and a powerful hero video reinforced this message.

Created and deployed in Auckland for seven priority global markets, the global Nothing Beats GRIT campaign used the Eloqua Marketing Automation Platform and Salesforce CRM, with over 100 translated and localised assets including landing pages, emails and gated content pieces.

This comprehensive digital acquisition and nurture journey was designed to generate leads for the sales pipeline through insight led marketing content. It featured two web pages housing gated assets including pre-recorded webinars and whitepapers. Entry to this nurture journey came via paid social media, eDMs to an existing database, and organically via

The campaign lived up to its proposition. Leads from the digital campaign website were up 23% from a similar campaign the previous year and the uplift in customer LTV and revenue ensured a strong performing campaign ROI of 140% - proving nothing does beat GRIT.