The HIVIQ Test

Entrant: Hunch
Nominee: New Zealand AIDS Foundation
Awards: Channel Silver - Purpose Driven Marketing, Channel Bronze - Social Media & Digital


While there have been some significant advances over the last couple of decades, people living with HIV still face judgement and prejudice on a daily basis. To put this in perspective, 42% of New Zealanders wouldn’t eat food prepared by a chef with HIV, 38% wouldn’t live with someone who has HIV and 46% are uncomfortable letting their child play with another child who has HIV.

The truth is, none of these activities even remotely puts someone at risk of contracting the disease. But these stats go to show the level of stigma people who have HIV live with on a daily basis.

To help shift these numbers, the New Zealand Aids Foundation wanted a campaign to help smash stigma and educate New Zealand on the facts.

Introducing The HIV IQ Test.

People ignore ads, but they love testing themselves. Working closely with the foundation and the HIV community, 10 common misconceptions were identified, then crafted into 10 fun, edgy and outright random multi-choice questions.

Awareness of The HIV IQ Test was driven through attention-grabbing, engaging social media advertising on Instagram and Facebook, as well as and digital banners, featuring cut down questions from the quiz itself.

Two fundamentals of direct marketing are a specific audience targeting and measurable results. This campaign was all about talking to people outside of the community, specifically ‘mainstream’ everyday New Zealanders, focusing on straight, middle aged people. Social ad filters on Instagram and Facebook targeted women with children, middle aged men interested in rugby, high school aged boys and girls and people in management and leadership roles.

Above all, it delivered impressive, compelling results. All in all, 12,547 people take the quiz - over six times the objective. Better yet, thousands more went on to learn more about HIV. It won’t solve the problem overnight, but it’s a good start.