The Little Christmas Nudge

Entrant: FCB New Zealand
Nominee: Flight Centre New Zealand
Awards: Craft Gold - Excellence in Personalisation, Channel Silver - CRM Multi-Channel, Craft Bronze - Excellence in Data Strategy


An innovative approach to data capture and multi-channel CRM enabled Flight Centre to give gift receivers what they really wanted for Christmas 2018. At a time of year when people just don’t buy travel, and armed with ambitious targets and a relatively small budget, Flight Centre was able to buck the travel industry’s annual Christmas sales downturn.

This was made possible by a unique remarketing strategy that demanded innovation in all media channels and close media partner collaborations to deliver literally thousands of personalised campaigns. This subtle priming journey let gift receivers show gift givers what they really wanted for Christmas with a series of remarketing nudges.

Inconspicuous cookie capture was vital. This allowed Flight Centre to serve personalised online nudges across a range of channels and creative forms. From sponsored stories on the Herald, to social posts, to dynamic digital radio ads; everything was created and served based on the personal destination selection of an individual gift receiver.

Once these nudges were complete and travel was within the consideration set, Flight Centre could remarket with actual destinations and price points, using dynamic creative to juxtapose a gift receivers preferred location with other possible Christmas gifts.

The result was a major commercial success, exceeding sales targets by 55%. Comparing those exposed to all priming layers for Christmas 2018 with the digital conversion average from Christmas 2017, Flight Centre saw a staggering 9900% increase in conversion. And this was achieved while avoiding mass discounts and increasing average basket size by 107%.

The campaign broke new ground in driving multi-channel CRM, extending 1-1 personalisation beyond the owned digital channels, through to paid and even offline media, and delivered an impressive ROI.