In the current political climate with the rise of more and more popularist and right-leaning parties, the social discourse has never been more turbulent. Now might be the time to pick sides.

Nike did not so long ago with their campaign to back Colin Kaepernick. And they've seen interesting growth, tapping into entirely new markets that had not existed for them previously just by making it known which way "as a brand" they would vote on a specific issue. It's an interesting gambit in a country that is known to be pretty evenly split between the red and the blue.

But what about New Zealand, with a more diverse and nuanced political landscape?

It could be as simple as going green, lowering carbon emissions or paying male staff for longer paternity cover. It could be donating money to charities, sourcing fair trade products or even being open about hiring a more diverse team.

All of these things are social issues that are worth talking about and in the current climate can be valuable if they're aligned with your brand's core meaning.

But act now before the climate changes and these kinds of messages are deemed to be insincere or gauche.

If you have something to say, say it.