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Beyond COVID-19: The Future of Work and Hiring

Salt surveyed 154 global digital professionals to find out what they think hiring, and their...

Should you let your employees work from home?

We have noticed a significant shift and demand in job seekers wanting the option of flexible...

Why detailed job briefs are critical in securing candidates

Salt’s APAC CEO Jacqui Barratt shares her thoughts on the importance of clients providing detailed...

Flex your hiring strategy for that remote talent!

Salt’s Singapore Country Director Erin Loh shares why remote talent is the way forward. What is a...

How to make lemonade out of sour career moments

"We're considering a restructure and a possible outcome could be the disestablishment of your role."

It's life, Jim, but not as we know it

The human cost has been monumental, the social impacts have been immense and the speed of change at...

Counter-offers are on the rise — 4 things to think about on whether it’s the right tactic for you!

Salt’s APAC CEO Jacqui Barratt shares her thoughts on counter-offers and whether it’s the right...

Temping as a Career Choice

Ever considered temping? Did you know that almost one-quarter of employers say they utilise temps...

The flexible workforce

Businesses globally realise that to be competitive they need to be nimble and responsive to market...

The marketing skills companies need

It is a very difficult time to be looking for a job right now but this article shares some of the...

Your ultimate job search checklist

Looking for a new job is easy right? Wrong. Job hunting and trying to prepare yourself for looking...

What is the digital skills gap and what does it mean for young people?

Universities and schools were shut, there was nowhere to go, nothing to do. Companies were pausing...

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