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6 reasons why you should be hiring faster

We’ve been told it so many times we pretty much accept it as conventional wisdom – hire slow, fire...

10 tips for a standout LinkedIn profile

Read on for our top 10 tips for a great LinkedIn profile, whether you're creating a new one or...

Mind the Career Gap

There are many reasons why someone might have gaps in their employment history. Knowing how to...

Why employer branding is vital to engaging top talent

Have you been trying for months to attract top talent to grow your company, yet struggle to find...

Women in the Workplace: Salt's Global Report 2020

For the past two years, we have focused our diversity efforts towards female representation; we've...

What Will Company Culture Look like in 2021?

In a year of working from home, juggling childcare with Zoom meetings, and restrictions upon...

How to retain talent in your company

Every company wants to hold on to their best employees, but when your top employees start leaving...

Contracting - It's your choice!

Globally, people are choosing to try different working options. Admittedly, this doesn't suit...

Companies will need to embrace flexibility to attract digital talent

Candidates looking for a new job have changed their priorities when it comes to “non-negotiables”...

Industry experience - Is it necessary?

Salt’s APAC CEO Jacqui Barratt shares her thoughts on whether industry experience is necessary. I...

How to Hire, Onboard and Manage your Teams Remotely

Salt's CEO, Elliot Dell, recently took part in a panel discussion with Insider and Tom Dixon, on...

Top tips for when you start a new job

You’ve been in your new job for a few months now and you are – we hope – starting to feel more...

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