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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of CX During Lockdown

We all know that online shopping is on the rise big time, and the impact of COVID19 has escalated...

CX grader quiz

A successful CX strategy should involve your entire business. It’s not on the shoulders of just one...

Marketing Automation: The Key to Building a Successful Ecommerce Store

Perhaps your ecommerce solution isn’t performing like you thought it would. You've got a good...

The Sunk Cost Fallacy: A Marketing Opportunity

Put simply, the ‘sunk cost effect’ is any expenditure we’ve already made and that we’re unable to...

Customer Success Essentials

How do you design the best possible customer experience across all physical and digital...

How Priming Influences Consumer Decisions

These ‘hidden’ influences – things that affect our judgment, actions or motivations – are what we...

How Fast and Slow Thinking Influences Customer Engagement

So, how does Frank, who has a full-time job, married with 2 kids, and let’s not forget about the...

Can you improve customer experience by simply being more human?

Customer experience starts with your company’s employees. ALL your employees. Why? Well, people are...

Automating the Customer Experience

This isn't marketing/customer experiences first foray into chat automation. Watch any American...

Customer Lifetime Value and why it matters

You know the saying – around 20% of your consumers make up 80% of your sales. So naturally,...

Know your customer: The key to innovation success

At the final Marketing Association Brainy Breakfast of 2018 three award-winning New Zealand brands...

Personalised Marketing Beyond ‘HI %FIRST_NAME%’

One-to-one marketing improves the brand-customer relationship by creating relevant interaction; we...

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