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The test of time

What does it take for a loyalty programme to stand the test of time? This article from Truth looks...

Key Drivers of Human Behaviour; Reaching the most awakened state in Customer Experience

It’s not marketing rocket science to say that it starts with the customer when talking CX and that...

Defining a Successful Loyalty Programme

Defining a successful loyalty programme depends on your specific business objectives. Our job is to...

How to Keep your Programme Top-of-Mind

So you've got a loyalty programme or you're planning to launch an awesome programme? Join the club....

How to Re-engage your Lapsed Customers

One of the first things you learn in marketing is that it costs more to acquire a new customer than...

Critical Success Factors to Consider for Your Loyalty Programme

What are the critical success factors to consider when evaluating your loyalty programme or...

Increased Redemption Drives Increased Engagement

It's an age-old theory that if you create a loyalty programme on high breakage that the numbers in...

Is it really loyalty if you have to pay for it?

Traditional loyalty programmes exist to encourage and reward behavioural change through...

Taking the opportunity to reimagine what's possible, putting the customer at the heart of everything

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be focusing here on the topic of experience transformation....

'P2P' marketing and putting customers first

They are considered the big tech disruptors of the last decade - Netflix, Uber and Amazon,...

Back to the roots? Why the traditional marketing principles still apply in the age of CX

There is no doubt that digital technology and changing customer preferences have had a major impact...

Customer experience: You think you are ready for change? Think again

There’s a predictable arc to stories of companies that have set out to overhaul the experience for...

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