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CX insights from a Kiwi working abroad at Amazon and Microsoft

"The thing I passionately believe in is not B2B, or B2C, it's P2P" Businesses across the board are...

Customer Experience: The Drivers to Success #CX2019

Customer Experience, once thought to be the “Buzzword of 2018”, is now a key driver to business...

Getting the right experience right

We seem to be living through a time of changing rules when it comes to Experience. The town crier...

Should brands be expiring loyalty points?

An often hotly debated topic in loyalty is whether or not brands should be expiring points...

Short term marketing campaigns vs. long term customer loyalty strategies

The continuing price wars continue to impact customer purchase decisions across the airline,...

Loyalty & the youth - How should we approach loyalty for the younger generations?

Young people (under the age of 25) are far less likely to use loyalty programmes, why is this?...

Experience Whitepaper from Intergen

Toyota NZ changed its approach to the car buying process, putting the customer’s needs and desires...

The benefits of rewarding non-transactional activities (for your business & your customers)

Over the past few years, we have explored the rising trend of rewarding loyalty members for...

How do you create a loyalty programme for top-end customers who are not influenced by discounts and saving money?

We believe, for long-term loyalty, you need to connect with your customers through unexpected...

The Value of Storytelling

I had the pleasure of listening to a presentation by Microsoft's Miri Rodriguez on storytelling. As...

Let's protect HCD from being dismissed as another business buzzword

Fueled by shifts in business focus, organisations are increasingly looking to HCD as a way to drive...

Understanding the different fee-based loyalty programme structures.

A brewing topic in the loyalty world is the concept of “fee-based” or premium loyalty programmes....

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