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How to Succeed at Data Analytics

Most analytics boils down to one simple action that anyone can understand. It’s not technically...

Fantastic Customers and Where to Find Them (hint: in your data)

As a marketer, there are few things worse than spending a bunch of time and resource on a campaign...

A sell-out Smarter Data conference is a sign of the times

Data is now top of the table and key to long term competitive strategy. What was noticeable at...

Raising The 'DATA BAR' in New Zealand

Absolute Analytics managing director Mark McKenzie spends much of his time working to ensure...

Developing a Data Strategy

It is not based on a particular propriety system or software, but is business focused, providing...

Take five: Five things marketers should know about the GDPR

For many in the marketing and retail industries, GDPR is a daunting acronym that fills them with...

Do Kiwis really care about their data privacy?

The use of data by businesses and government agencies has hit media headlines for all the wrong...

What New Zealand marketers need to know about the GDPR

The GDPR refers to the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation, which was passed in...

Data Analytics: Succeed even as a non-expert

The fact is most analytics boils down to one simple thing that anyone can understand.

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