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Code of Practice for Telemarketing

This Code of Practice and Guidelines has been developed by the Marketing Association for the...

Common sense email marketing for the win

If you had the key to someone's house, would you feel comfortable using it to enter without the...

Credit Reporting Privacy Code

This code is enforceable in the same manner as the Privacy Act. 

Code for Advertising and Promotion of Alcohol

Alcohol is a restricted product in New Zealand. Because of the health and social impacts of the...

Are your emails spam?

It’s a modern-day problem that can have serious consequences for any business engaging in email...

10 key steps to help NZ marketers comply with GDPR

Even businesses without a physical presence in the EU may have to comply with the new rules if...

Introducing Fast Fives

Introducing FAST FIVES The regulations we must follow in our daily marketing activities are often...

The Past, Present and Future of the Privacy Act 2020

In NZ we’re lucky to have two things: The Privacy Act which protects the use of our personal...

5 things you need to know about the Privacy Act changes

On the 1st of December 2020, the new Privacy Act came into effect. In this short blog, we cut to...

Credit Reporting Privacy Code 2020

This code applies specific rules to credit reporters to ensure the protection of individual...

Data privacy during the COVID-19 outbreak

Andrey Arestov discusses implications of COVID-19 on data privacy and marketing amid the influx of...

My worst moment in marketing

Let me tell you about one of the worst moments in my business career. It’s been a long career and...

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