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eBook: Is an ethical approach to customer data privacy your trust differentiator?

If consumers want personalised customer experience and customer service, they need to provide data....

Call me...maybe? Why "click to consent" won't cut it in 2020

Relying on ‘click to consent’ style privacy statements won’t cut it if you're unable to demonstrate...

Opinion | Facebook & Google: Love them? Hate them? Trust them?

As marketers, it's hard not to love the likes of Facebook and Google for their goldmines of...

Organising your PMCA copyright licence

Over the last few months, we've been talking about copyright licensing and the PMCA... As a bit of...

The Gambling Act and you: The cans and can-nots of sales promotions

The Gambling Act is under review and the Department of Internal Affairs fact sheet has been...

Is your media monitoring for work or personal?

Last month, the PMCA brought you this article on Copyright Licensing: Debunked Myths and why you...

Copyright licensing: Debunked myths and why you should care

Sharing a news article with your colleague seems innocent enough, but do it and you're in potential...

Have you seen those media clippings from the agency?

The clippings feed is in, quick look through, load them onto the website. Copy the pictures from...

British Airways facing $340m fine for data breach

British Airways is facing a record fine of £183m for last year's breach of its security systems.

Alcohol Advertising and Promotion Code

The Alcohol Advertising and Promotion Code became effective for all ads from 1 July 2021 This Code...

Code For Financial Advertising

This Code from the Advertising Standards Authority covers all words and visual depictions in all...

Children and Young People's Advertising Code

This Code from the Advertising Standards Authority applies to all advertisements that target...

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