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Game Changer 2022: Taking the Australian Open into the Metaverse

International Keynote: Ridley Plummer, Metaverse and NFT Project Manager at Tennis Australia....

Game Changer 2022: The Future of Fandom

There are a lot of buzzwords in tech right now; creator, community, Web3, NFTs, metaverse. The...

Game Changer 2022 - This Girl Can Panel Discussion 'video'

Game Changer Conference: 'This Girl Can' Panel Discussion Some of the biggest brands in sports have...

Kicking off a global partnership with FIFA

How Xero grew its global brand exposure by aligning with FIFA’s Women’s World Cup 2023. Xero’s...

Game-changing techniques to build brands for athletes

The marketing strategy behind Naomi Osaka’s global success: Lessons from MA’s Game Changer 2022 A...

Serena Williams: The GOAT of Marketing Campaigns

Serena Williams is not retiring but ‘evolving’ out of tennis (as she put it) and signed off from...

“BIRGing” – the key to brand development in Sport

For those of you who don’t know I’m a sports nut. I used to play top level sport and when it came...

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