Setting business resolutions and goals early on sets you up to succeed in the forthcoming year. If you're looking for real business growth, keep reading for valuable insights from marketing experts, leading questions to help set your goals, and advice on how to take the next step.


Why setting goals early in the year is so important

If marketing is high on your resolution list, our Marketing Manager, Jake, has a few wise words about the importance of setting goals early in the year.

“When it comes to digital marketing, ‘shiny object syndrome’ is a real threat to business growth. Every year, we see a hundred and one new innovations launched, each claiming to accelerate your marketing more effectively than the last.

Often a fear of missing out can drive snap decisions that end up hurting a company in the long run. Setting a clear goal for the new year can help you to scrutinize whether a new technology is aligned with your business plans, or rather a distraction from them.”


Leading questions to help set your goals

Take a step back to see the bigger picture, and set yourself aside some time for

blue-sky thinking to ponder important queries. Here’s a taster of a few questions we ask in our marketing workshops:

1. What problems is your business solving for people?

2. What assumptions can we make about your audiences?

3. What does success look like to you in the next 12 months?

Once you’ve covered the macro topics, it’s time to look through a more micro lens at how your current channels are supporting or hindering success.

4. Do you think your website and digital marketing is serving your wider goal?

5. What do you want people to take away from an experience with your digital marketing?

6. If you were to rank their importance, what channel needs to be updated first?

Once you’ve done all of the above, break it down into achievable steps. Set your wider yearly business goal, the goal you’d like to achieve each quarter of 2022, and the steps you’d need to take to achieve this. Setting this clear timeline holds you accountable as the year progresses, and you can utilise planning tools such as ClickUp, Strides or Trello to help keep you on track.


How to take the next step in achieving your business goal

The next step might involve further training, conferences or courses, spending more time invested in certain aspects of your business or professional life, or often, it leads to agencies like Mint.

At Mint for example, we help clients redesign their websites, make the most of their online advertising, optimise their digital presences, and capture high-quality video & images of their product or service. We have a team of experts who know how to action our clients' big picture dreams, working alongside them to determine the small wins that turn into the final goal.

We hope you feel inspired to go away and create goals and resolutions that create real change for your business in 2022. If you’re looking for extra support to define or achieve your goals, our team is always around for a chat.

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