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What's the Deal With Bounce Rate?

What's the Deal With Bounce Rate? Watch the video below! Prefer to scan? Here's the video...

Understanding your Website Conversion Rate

Conversion Rate 101: What you should know about website conversion rate Watch the video below!...

Behind the Scenes Content

Develop Long Term Brand Advocacy by Using Behind the Scenes Content Watch the video below!  Prefer...

Marketing automation: The key to building a successful e-commerce store

So your e-commerce shop isn’t performing like you thought it would. You have a good offering, a...

Changing Your Social Media Strategy for Good

In a world where a burger chain talks about depression, shoe brands support Black Lives Matter and...

Common Mistakes Brands Make with Influencer Marketing

Common mistakes brands make with influencer marketing and how we can help By Kehlani Seth, Intern...

Is Google Analytics Really Free?

Is Google Analytics really free, and how important is it to your business? Watch the video here!...

AI to combat customer churn

Written by Sam Daish, Head of AI & Data Science - Qrious

Hearing each voice in the crowd - how you can make the most of unstructured data

Sam Daish, Head of AI & Data Science at Qrious, lets us know how to make the most of unstructured...

Driving success in the Direct-to-Consumer sector

Nicki Shirley, Head of Marketing at Qrious, summarises the MA's Brainy Breakfast on D2C

How to Squeeze Maximum Profitability out of eCommerce

Written by Tomas Eyles, Account Executive - Engaging Partners

Shopify vs WooCommerce: Which ecommerce platform is best?

Written by Sonia Slattery, Founder, COO & CMO - Engaging Partners

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