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Our resources are dedicated to bolster your learning and provide you with insightful content and templates to help you in your career and marketing role.

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Is Google Analytics Really Free?

Is Google Analytics really free, and how important is it to your business? Watch the video here!...

Fast Five: Social Media Insights

FAST 5: Social Media Insights With James & Wells

Fast Five: Launching of a New Brand

FAST 5: Launching of a New Brand With James & Wells

Fast Five: Copyright Licensing

FAST 5: Copwright Licensing with the PMCA. With Chris Maxwell, PMCA

Fast Five: Food Safety Compliance

FAST 5: Food safety compliance for product sampling & engagement campaigns. With Sonia McConnachie,...

Fast Five: Gender Stereotyping in Ads

FAST 5:Gender (and other harmful) stereotyping in ads. with Claire Hofer, Advertising Standards...

Introducing Fast Fives

Introducing FAST FIVES

AI to combat customer churn

Written by Sam Daish, Head of AI & Data Science - Qrious

Hearing each voice in the crowd - how you can make the most of unstructured data

Sam Daish, Head of AI & Data Science at Qrious, lets us know how to make the most of unstructured...

Driving success in the Direct-to-Consumer sector

Nicki Shirley, Head of Marketing at Qrious, summarises the MA's Brainy Breakfast on D2C

What is Authentic Engagement?

Watch the video here! Prefer to scan? Here's the video transcript: What is Authentic Engagement?

A quick fix for writer's block

Alice Moore from Mint Design shares a new AI-powered creativity tool in the video below:

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