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What is Authentic Engagement?

Watch the video here! Prefer to scan? Here's the video transcript: What is Authentic Engagement?

A quick fix for writer's block

Alice Moore from Mint Design shares a new AI-powered creativity tool in the video below:

How 2020 changed online consumer behaviour

Mint Design's Alice Moore, talking about new online consumer behaviours - watch the video below!...

Which brands are creating winning customer experiences in 2021?

Take a moment and think about the last time you had an exceptional shopping experience. Now, do the...

Awareness vs Performance Marketing

James Richardson, Client Services Executive at Mint Design takes us through Awareness vs...

SEO and Link Building in 2021

Mint Design's Jake Shelton discusses SEO strategies with us, watch the video below! Prefer to scan?...

This article wasn't written by a machine

Words can capture the ideas that reflect our times – but who will be the authors? The printing...

A Guide to the Privacy Act 2020

The Privacy Act 2020 came into force on 1 December 2020, replacing Privacy Act 1993. View the full...

How to enable your sales team to provide a better CX

Creating outstanding customer experience (CX) is a team effort. That’s why businesses need to fuse...

Top tips for when you start a new job

You’ve been in your new job for a few months now and you are – we hope – starting to feel more...

How to stand out in the digital job market as an employer

Searching for top talent in a digitally-driven job market is no small challenge and gaining...

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