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Our resources are dedicated to bolster your learning and provide you with insightful content and templates to help you in your career and marketing role.

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Improving Accessibility for AT HOP Users

How can marketing automation help improve accessibility? Read this case study to learn how Qrious...

Immigration NZ's Lead Nurture Programme

Using their marketing automation platform UbiQuity, they helped Immigration NZ keep quality leads...

Lightbox Data Insights

From moving to the cloud to a fresh perspective on churn propensity modelling, Qrious is helping...

Xero's Epic Cloud Migration

Xero used the power of automation to accelerate their cloud migration, helping reduce costs and get...

Webinar: What the GDPR means for NZ Marketers

Learn about the GDPR regulations, how it applies to New Zealand marketers and organisations. Watch...

Webinar: Winning with Marketing Automation

Is marketing automation something you've always wanted to know about, yet don't know where to...

Webinar: Retention is the New Acquisition

An effective retention marketing programme will build trust, loyalty and improve your ROI. Find out...

Webinar: Advanced Analytics for Marketers

Integrating advanced marketing analytics into your marketing processes delivers more sophisticated...

Brand purpose during COVID-19

We've been thinking about how kiwi brands can navigate COVID-19 - and how they'll be remembered by...

The three R's to insist on when briefing your next TV campaign

With ThinkTV NZ, we asked 6,000 kiwis about their favourite ads and found the three R's you need to...

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