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Our resources are dedicated to bolster your learning and provide you with insightful content and templates to help you in your career and marketing role.

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Supercharge your Content Marketing in 2020 with Content Creators

It feels like we have had the term 'content marketing' as apart of our wider marketing lexicon...

Online Retailers: Get 4 Social Media Tips for Better Sales this Christmas

Online Retailers: Get 4 social media tips for better sales this Christmas from Mint Design on Vimeo.

Why use a Branding Agency?

Read or download this guide from Principals branding on the big picture perspective of branding...

What can Lizards and Porsches tell us about Marketing?

Alice from Mint Design tells us all about a critical marketing theory: Motivators vs. Justifiers...

How to select the perfect content creator or influencer for your brand and campaign

Member question: I have an upcoming campaign and want to add some influencer marketing alongside...

Kiwi humour and how it influences consumer behaviour

“A smile is the shortest distance between two people” – Victor Borge.

3 Reasons to Invest in Professional Website Copywriting

In 2020, the difference between a good website and a great website isn't necessarily the design or...

eBook: 5 Factors for Marketing Automation Success

Qrious helps you discover the benefits of marketing automation and learn the five keys to success,...

eBook: Your Ultimate Guide to NPS

In today's customer-centric environment, it's important to understand how satisfied your customers...

eBook: Data-Driven Customer Segmentation

This eBook from Qrious will help you find out why data-driven customer segmentation is delivering...

eBook: Choosing your Marketing Automation Partner

Every organisation needs a marketing automation tool, but choosing one can be a daunting task. Read...

eBook: 7 Steps to Transform into a Data Driven Organisation

Data can drive decisions, serve customers, generate revenue and grow your business. This free guide...

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