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About Brand IQ

You have a brand. You want more customers. And we can help you get there. At Brand IQ, we work with B2B companies like yours to tell the story of your brand in a way that will make people stop, listen, and become long-term customers.

Our unique Brand Intelligence Framework will help your company re-imagine your brand position, story, messaging, and visual identity for B2B success. We'll help you stand out from the competition by uncovering what makes you truly unique and crafting a narrative that drives awareness, engagement, and revenue.

Our process is both practical and simple.

We begin by interviewing your customers and staff to get a good sense of how your brand is perceived internally and externally. We then use those deep insights to formulate your brand positioning strategy and craft your brand story.

Next, we audit all your content and align your messaging and marketing communications with the new brand story.

Finally, we develop a plan to promote your new brand story through the most relevant media channels and run strategic story training workshops with your team so they can practically bring the story to life in their everyday work.

Key services

  • B2B brand research and insights 
  • B2B brand differentiation strategy 
  • B2B brand story and messaging 
  • Strategic storytelling training 
  • B2B website development

Articles by Brand IQ

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