About New Zealand Story

The New Zealand Story Group’s purpose is to inspire, curate and amplify storytelling to expand New Zealand’s reputation and value internationally.

Our goal is to maintain and expand what New Zealand is known for to improve knowledge, consideration, favourability, and preference for New Zealand products and services. ​

We create quality resources to provide exporters, the Government and its agencies with the tools, skills and knowledge to communicate more consistent and compelling stories about New Zealand to shift perceptions, open doors and grow opportunities. ​

New Zealand Story is also responsible for the protection of our national symbol, ​the FernMark.

Key services


  • We produce a wide range of royalty-free images and videos, infographics and key messages, all free for use to help you tell your story.


  • We create and curate stories, videos and campaigns that tell New Zealand stories, in a variety of formats.


  • We commission and share international research on how New Zealand is perceived in key overseas markets.


  • We work with government agencies, companies, industry groups, and major events on how to use the New Zealand story.


  • The FernMark Licence Programme helps promote and protect New Zealand products and services on a global scale.

Articles by New Zealand Story

Global Pulse Check 2022

Research highlights shifting global perceptions of New Zealand as the world grapples with...

Aotearoa New Zealand, Our Story

Te ao Māori features in New Zealand Story film to support Kiwi organisations reconnecting globally...

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