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Strategic Marketer

Strategy, planning, and in-depth understanding.


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Take your strategic thinking to a new level with a Certified Strategic Marketer course.

Strategic thinking underpins every effective marketing campaign. Without it, marketing is just guesswork.

Build your understanding of strategy and long-term planning with workshops from the Professional Certified Strategic Marketer program.

A Step Up For Your Career

A new collaboration between the NZ Marketing Academy and the University of Canterbury, the Strategic Marketer certification is unique in New Zealand.

Because it was created by marketing experts, it strikes a balance between strategic theory and practical, real-world skill-building. It’s a wide-ranging course designed to help you take the next step in your career.

Professional Development That Fits Your Schedule

Structured to fit around full-time work, the Strategic Marketer course involves a blend of in-person and online learning. Choose six MA workshops and complete an independent project assessed by the University of Canterbury.

You'll walk away being a Professional Certified Strategic Marketer and have a micro-credential issued by the University of Canterbury - and valuable new insights into strategic planning.

Step up your strategic thinking.

The core workshops are:

Digital Strategy

Digital is an increasingly important channel for any business. As a result, the need to understand digital resources, assets, tools, and channels is key. This course will provide an in-depth view of those digital elements, and how they combine to contribute to a digital strategy.

Breakthrough Marketing Plans

Based on the best seller from Professor Tim Calkins of Kellogg School of Management, Colleen Ryan provides simple, clear frameworks that are easy to apply, and highlights why marketing plans matter, where they go wrong and how to create a powerful plan that will help build a strong, profitable business.

Critical Thinking for Marketers

In this workshop, Carl Davidson will draw from behavioural science and cognitive psychology to demonstrate some of the flaws in our everyday ways of thinking and provide some tools to sharpen your critical thinking and problem-solving mindset.

Stakeholder Management

In this course, you’ll learn how to identify stakeholders inside and outside your organisation, manage seemingly different stakeholder priorities to find that sweet spot of commonality, the importance of key messaging and how to frame a narrative that everyone thought was their idea.

Building Blocks of Brand Strategy

This course will show you how to develop and implement a brand strategy and plan. You’ll learn how to position your brand, manage your brand’s performance over time, and gain a competitive edge.

Electives (choose 1 day, or two 1/2 days)

The ABC of B2B communications

In this course, we look at the essentials of great Business-to-Business advertising and communication. In three stages, you'll find out how to turn samey, forgettable propositions into memorable, distinctive and effective campaigns that engage business audiences on a human level.

Advanced Social Media Marketing

Dive deeper into the social platforms that everyone is familiar with to find the hidden tools to get the most out of your social media presence and learn how to integrate it into your wider marketing strategy.

Google Analytics for Marketing Professionals

This one-day course is highly practical focusing on how to get the best out of Analytics, how to cut through the flood of information and focus on the critical few metrics that can make a big difference to you in your role as a marketer.

SEO & CRO - Need to Know

Delivered in a clear, easy to comprehend manner, this workshop is ideal for any marketer that wants to drive organic traffic to their website or is just curious to understand what your agency is doing for you

Mastering the Creative Brief

In this one-day workshop, you will learn to identify what an ideal creative brief looks like and explore the implications of Field & Bidet's analysis of effectiveness, to understand why it is so important to master the creative brief.

Customer Experience

In this one day workshop, we will cover the importance of customer-centricity for branding purposes and what is required to develop a comprehensive customer-centric marketing strategy.

The Secret Sauce of Great Copywriting

Great copywriting is one of the most critical elements of successful marketing. Telling your story through words is one part of the equation, creating content that people care about enough to engage with is another! Join us to discover how you can craft copy that adds credibility and charisma to your brand.

Mapping the Customer Journey

You will need the insight, tools, and information to better understand your customer's journey. The Marketing Association is proud to help you on that journey by introducing our half-day workshop into Customer Journey Mapping.

Behavioural Science for Customer Journeys

Make your customer the hero. Join us on this 1/2 day workshop to look at the drivers of human behaviour, and how a greater understanding of these touchpoints, including digital experiences, can be applied to customer experience.

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