The Marketing Club

Hello and welcome to The Marketing Club (TMC), brought to you by Chanel Clark and the Marketing Association. TMC was set up as a community of support, help, and networking for marketers that are either early in their marketing career or working solo or in small marketing teams.

Congratulations on a great life choice! We’re excited to have you join us - a bunch of humble but awesome marketing professionals that use this as a space to share, laugh, vent, cry, share the memes and learn together.  

TMC is a safe place filled with support and encouragement. You are highly encouraged to share what you are working on, any challenges you may be facing, successes you have achieved (NICE ONE!) and to ask for feedback and advice.   

And now for some admin. If you could please answer these few questions so we know who we have in the group and can cater to the needs of the group more effectively.