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AI Meets Marketing 

Tuesday, 9 April
9:30am - 5:00pm
Sudima Hotel | Christchurch City Center 
47 Salisbury Street, Christchurch Central City, Christchurch
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Your ultimate guide to AI's growing significance in the marketing world: One-day intensive workshop

Get ready to dive into practical exercises and hands-on experience as you acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to harness AI tools, such as ChatGPT, for a range of marketing tasks.

Discover how to create compelling content, streamline your social media efforts, optimise SEO, and gain valuable insights through AI-powered analytics. 

Scroll down for more details on learning outcomes, and to learn about the expert facilitators.

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  • $895.00 + GST Non Members
  • Special rates available for students, registered charities and multiple bookings. Contact us.
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What's Covered with Learning Outcomes

1. Introduction to AI in Marketing

  • Overview of AI and its importance for marketing 
  • Current landscape of AI in marketing 
  • Popular AI platforms and tools 
  • Future trends and predictions for AI in marketing 

2. Ethical and Strategic Considerations 

  • Understanding the limitations and potential issues of AI in marketing 
  • Ethical considerations for using AI in marketing campaigns 
  • Staying ahead of the competition by leveraging AI in marketing 
  • Preparing for the future of AI in the marketing industry 

3. AI for Content Creation and Ideation

  • Benefits of AI in content creation
  • Overview of ChatGPT and other AI tools for content generation
  • Using AI to generate content for SEO purposes
  • Case studies: Successful implementation of AI for digital marketing 

4. AI for Creative Design and Multimedia

  • AI tools for creating photos, images, and videos
  • Generating unique creative ideas and suggestions with AI
  • Optimizing visual content for improved user engagement 

5. AI for Social Marketing

  • Streamlining social content creation with AI tools
  • Analysing social data using AI
  • Creating AI-driven social strategies
  • Enhancing social engagement and targeting with AI 

6. AI for SEO Optimisation

  • AI tools for keyword research and content optimisation
  • Writing and editing meta-tags with AI assistance
  • Analysing and refining SEO strategies using AI
  • Using AI to create reusable tools for you to use

7. AI for Online Advertising

  • Crafting digital ads with AI tools
  • Optimizing ad targeting and bidding with AI
  • Measuring ad performance and ROI using AI-driven analytics 

8. AI for Marketing Analytics and Data Insights

  • Understanding the role of AI in marketing analytics
  • Implementing AI-driven analytics tools and platforms
  • Interpreting data and optimizing marketing strategies using AI 

9. AI for Marketing Personalization and CX

  • Leveraging AI for personalized marketing campaigns
  • Enhancing customer experience with AI-driven chatbots and virtual assistants
  • Predictive analytics for customer behaviour and preferences 

10. AI for Marketing Automation and Workflow Efficiency

  • Streamlining marketing processes with AI-powered tools
  • Enhancing team collaboration and communication using AI
  • Managing and optimizing marketing budgets with AI assistance 

Specific tools covered

  • ChatGPT* – all rounder
  • Browse AI – competitor analysis
  • Copy.AI – content generation, mainly social
  • Jasper – content generation
  • Spin Rewriter – SEO targeted content re-write at volume
  • Midjourney* – image generation, including mock-ups
  • DALL-E 2 – image generation
  • Runway – insanely powerful editing suite, particularly video production
  • Merlin – email productivity/generation
  • Mem – productivity aide for organising and categorising notes
  • Beautiful.AI – slide deck generation
  • Descript – podcast/audio editing productivity
  • Eleven Labs* – voice learning and generation
  • Adobe Firefly* – AI image editing/generation
  • Google Labs – tons of tools coming out across the board 

* live demonstration


Facilitator, Peter Mangin

Founder, AI Innovisory

Peter is an experienced technology leader with a diverse range of skills in both technology and business. His analytical skills and technology-agnostic approach have been developed through my work in a variety of industries and organisations of different sizes.

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Alla Lvovich


Facilitator, Alla Lvovich

Senior Enterprise Relationship Manager, PureSEO

Currently Alla is Senior Enterprise Relationship Manager at Pure SEO. She has conducted extensive research on AI's transformative impact on digital marketing, positioning herself at the vanguard of AI-driven strategy integration. 


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