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Welcome to the home of New Zealand's Marketing Professionals.

The Marketing Association (MA), is the industry body dedicated to the marketing profession in New Zealand.

Our purpose is to help marketers be brilliant! We educate, inspire, provide resources, and facilitate networking events so that marketers throughout New Zealand deliver leading-edge marketing strategy.

Membership Benefits

Why the MA?

Professional development is essential in today's fast changing world. To ensure you keep up with all the latest trends, ideas, best practices, and technologies, become a member and invest in expanding your, and your team's, genius. 

Build and protect your reputation. If you find yourself in a bit of a curly situation and are needing some expert advice, we provide that to our members via our Compliance Consultant, Keith Norris. We like to share valuable resources amongst our members. If you have written a piece of content you think is whiz-bang, send it through to us and we'll look at publishing it on our website and via our newsletter, InBox. 

Being a member of the MA is more than just receiving significant discounts on events and training workshops. It's about belonging to a community of highly innovative, engaging, intelligent, marketing professionals, who like to share knowledge and ideas, and are passionate about continuous improvement.

From learning and development opportunities to free tools, special member-only discounts, networking, business promotion, partnerships and more. Find out exactly what you and your organisation can benefit from when you become a member of the MA.

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What's involved?

We know that Kiwi organisations and marketing roles come in every size (and job description!).

So that's why we've structured our membership subscriptions in a flexible way...

  • Whether you're a team of 'one' or a multinational, in a city centre or rural, you'll find a membership option to suit your needs.
  • Likewise, the pricing of our subscription fee is also tailored to your needs. When you apply for your membership your subscription fee will be calculated based on the information you share with us.
  • Applying takes only a few minutes and, depending on your membership type, you may be able to purchase online immediately!
  • Your subscription will give you access to all our member benefits for one year. You'll be sent an invitation to renew on the anniversary of your first purchase.
  • If you're an organisation, corporate or NFP, you'll be able to manage your team memberships, all from your member dashboard.
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An individual membership is issued and invoiced to the person. This is a membership specifically for marketing consultants or individuals wanting access to member discounts for professional development for themselves. A company membership gives all named staff members access to the benefits and discounts and can be transferred if a team member leaves the organisation. 
A company membership gives many more benefits in relation to access to our Advice Line services and the ability to promote their business through sharing relevant topics of interest content through our Blog and Social channels. Members are welcome to submit this content to our Marketing Manager for review. 

MA Online Membership is an individual membership giving access to all our online products and services. This is an exclusive membership for people living outside of New Zealand’s three largest cities. 

See what’s included in the different memberships below.

You will be able to log into our website using your nominated business email address. The system will recognise you as a member, give you automatic access to member only content and apply your member discounts.

Yes, the membership is valid for one year from date of issue and will automatically renew for the next annual 12-month period. If you wish to retire your membership you can do this through your dashboard on our website or by contacting the MA directly.

This will depend on the type of membership tier you have joined on. *A Not-for-Profit or Charity membership can add as many team members as you need.

No, an individual membership is non-transferrable.

The member discount only applies to you. If you require additional tickets on a regular basis you may look to upgrade to a company membership.

No, you cannot directly advertise your business or service to our data base. We do have sponsorship options available for this purpose that you can enquire about.

There are payment options available upon request. Please contact us for more information.
General manager marketing, nz leisure & corporate

Jodie Burnard

The Flight Centre Travel Group has been a member of the Marketing Association for a number of years. The range of opportunities available through the Marketing Association to upskill, learn, bounce ideas off and network with marketing peers is extremely valuable to us and helps push the team to think outside of just the company and travel environment.

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